Sheriff: Be wary of work-at-home scams

  • Sheriff Russ Gibson
    Sheriff Russ Gibson

There have been reports of scammers targeting people by offering fake work at home jobs. Therefore, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Russ Gibson is offering advice to help avoid people to become victims.

Here are his work-at-home scams and the tips to avoid them:

•Scam: Promises of high pay for low wage positions.

Tip: Unusual high pay for low pay is a common sign of a scam.

•Scam: Job offer with no contact information or unreliable contact information

Tip: Real work from home jobs and business opportunities provide the owner’s name, phone number and a real business email address.

•Scam: Promises of riches overnight or short period of time.

Tip: If a job offer claims you will become rich overnight, it is a scam.

•Scam: If they ask for money up front, it’s probably not a legitimate business.

Tip: Never pay to get a job. Also be very careful about paying for anything you need to get the work done.

•Scam: Pressure to act now.

Tip: If you have been contacted by someone making promises about making tons of money and claiming you must act right now or lose out forever, it is a scam.

•Scam: Don’t give out your personal information to people or companies you don’t know.

Tip: Scammers would require your bank information, credi card or financial information. Some scammers pretend to be employers. They ask you to fill out their employment application and to provide your personal information. Don’t give out this type of information to strangers.

In addition, be careful of certain keywords or phrases in posts that could be part of a work-at-home scam, Sheriff’s Office officials said. They include: “free work at home jobs,” “quick money,” “”unlimited earning potential,” “multi-level marketing,” “envelope packaging stuffing,” “investment opportunities and seminars.”