Thanksgiving Day – a time to reflect

  • A great Thanksgiving meal
    A great Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving. It’s a day to remember what’s really important in life – family, friends and the good fortune we have. A day to really appreciate what we have in life. Oftentimes, we don’t take to dwell on that. We are so busy with the daily grind. We stress out about work; we get frustrated in traffic.

But today is a day most of us get to come together, and forget about the rat race. We sit around the table and break bread with the ones we most care about. Delicious food accents the gathering – turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie. At that moment, we wish we could have more days like this.

But let’s remember for some, they don’t get to experience the same setting. There are a lot of people struggling out there making ends meet. The working poor and the homeless – those who might be living out of motels or even worse. There are so many charitable organizations out there doing such good in the community. But they can’t do it alone. Think about volunteering to help give back. It could be helping the Osceola Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels, dropping off food to homebound seniors.

There is plenty of volunteering opportunities through Community Vision in Osceola County. Go to

You might also think about sending care packages to soldiers overseas this holiday season. While our military men and women are brave soldiers, they get lonely too and miss home. Send them a little bit a comfort and let they them know how much they are appreciated. Do an Internet search, there are making organizations that can help with the effort.

If you might have the time, see if you can donate canned goods or other appropriate food, or financially, even if it’s just $5. Again, just look online and see what good organizations could use the help.

Then again, it could be as simple as helping out a neighbor with anything they might need or maybe inviting them to dinner.

So, enjoy the company and conversation today (stay away from politics!), the great food, the football on the television and even a spirit or two, if you indulge.

We, the Osceola News-Gazette, want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.