Managing stress in children caused by the pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world.

Stress and anxiety are at an all time high. This pandemic hasn’t only altered the lives of adults; it has changed the lives of children as well. It has caused a great change in children’s daily routines all around the world.

These changes may lead to some children dealing with overwhelming stress. It’s our job as parents and caregivers to help them manage these newly acquired feelings caused by this pandemic.

Many children may respond differently to feelings of stress and anxiety. Some may become clingier, while others might become more withdrawn. It’s important to respond to these actions in a supportive way. Give them a lot of attention and show them a lot of love. It’s important for kids to be close to their parents or caregivers as much as possible during this pandemic. This allows them to feel safe and relaxed, which can improve the stress and anxiety.

Another way to help children manage stress would be to create new daily routines for them. Kids are used to having strict daily routines throughout the school year, so it’s important to create one while they are at home, so they can remain active. You can have them do many types of activities, such as math, art and science. These activities will keep children busy and it will also help them learn in an exciting and safe manner.

Lastly, it’s key to remain very open with your children about the pandemic. You have to tell them everything that is going on in a way they can understand. Giving them clear information will help them feel safe and it will reassure them that everything is fine.

It’s crucial to explain to our kids all the basic guidelines to help keep them healthy. Teach them that they have to wash their hands routinely throughout the day, as well as to remain a 6-foot distance and wearing their mask while they are out in public. This pandemic has been life changing for everyone, including kids.

It’s our duty as parents and caregivers to help them manage all of the stress and negative emotions COVID-19 brought upon us, so we can all get through this together!