Letter To The Editor


What a great way to

start a New Year

To the Editor:

The Osceola County School District has its highest graduation rate ever. We have unbelievably exceptional students who worked very hard to give us this graduation rate. Our great teachers inspired and gave clear direction.

We are lucky to have a “can-do” culture in our schools that starts with our school board and administrative leadership, lead by Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace. Our graduation rate is good news for everyone, especially our economic developers and Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work. Celebrate this achievement for a few days and start strategizing how we will perform even higher next year. I have always believed in our students, and community, and am so proud of everyone from students, support staff, leadership, instructional staff, school resource officers, etc.

Congratulations everyone, now make this our starting point for improvement. What a great way to start a New Year!

Jay Wheeler

Osceola School Board Emeritus