Poinciana LifeStyles launches a Brighten Your Day Campaign.

  • Poinciana

 With things being so out of sorts, it is good to find any reason to be thankful and stay positive.  

Poinciana LifeStyles has launched a Brighten Your Day Campaign. Poinciana residents are asked to decorate their front door bright and cheerful as a thank you to all the essential workers in the community. Make this a family project. Cover your front door – be creative!  Show first responders, healthcare workers, teachers and grocery store workers that you care and appreciate them.  

The Brighten Your Day Campaign will award a pool membership and a $50 gift card from Babcock Home Furnishing & More to the most cheerful, clever and best decorated front door.

When completed take a picture and email to trish.moore@fsresidential.com. A winner will be chosen on May 8.


APV has launched Party Zoom for children. Last week’s Party Zoom was princess-themed. The next Party Zoom on Saturday, May 2, from 10:30 to 11 a.m., will be all about the little dudes. Party Zoom with Spider Dude is a 30-minute long party and includes activities and interaction with the characters.  

Register for Party Zoom at https://s.ripl.com/eh0q76.


 The Association of Poinciana Villages (APV) still needs your recipes.  APV is making a community cookbook – Poinciana Plates Community Cookbook.  Send in your favorite recipes now! APV has specific criteria: Name and type of recipe (ex: main dish, side dish, dessert, etc.); list of ingredients with proper measurements; detailed instructions, yield/serving size, and recipe owner/creator name. After APV receives their first 25 recipes, they will publish a free ebook for all entries. APV will continue to add to this cookbook as they receive new recipes.  Email as many recipes you would like to share to trish.moore@fsresidential.com.  


The Toho Water Authority announced additional support for the Toho Assistance program and those who may be having trouble paying their bills during pandemic.  For more information go to https:/37169a55-8279-4317-a251-45ae853aa360.fileusr.com/ugd/05e418_ec33d019ddda4b57ba19c1666b48cdd0.pdf.


If you have any Poinciana news or information that you would like to share, call Lisa Concepcion at 407-319-9700 or email news@osceolanewsgazette.com.