How have you spent the time under stay-at-home order?


We asked you Osceola County

  • Some families passed the time with Movie Night.
    Some families passed the time with Movie Night.

With Gov. Ron DeSantis’ stay-at-home order set in place for weeks now, you could make a case that some residents have gotten a little stir crazy.

So you might have to get creative at home to pass the time instead of getting on each other’s nerves. So on the News-Gazette Facebook page, we asked what fun or interesting activities you have been doing while being cooped up inside. We certainly got some colorful responses. Here are just some of them:

•We have been having fun tie dye, slime, sketching, floor is lava games, playing out doors, walking and themed activities. 

•All good here. I have not heard my son say he is bored not even once. He is a gamer though and he also has a VR Quest headset where he does sports like dodgeball, paddleball, soccer, basketball, etc. We also got a new above ground pool for the hot days. We have had some family Zoom parties and I have enjoyed happy hour with my Rotary family over Zoom. I don't know how but those parties have lasted over 4 hours!! I really have no desire to go anywhere. The only difficult part has been working and trying to school my fourth grader at the same time. That has at times been quite frustrating but we are getting better at it.

•I have been doing singing shows on Facebook live a few times a week

•We had a Luau

*I have had to get my creative side back out! We had an arcade birthday party, and an escape room birthday. Have learned more about my newly teen and 7 year old and got more connected with family and friends. I know that it’s hard times, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Families are enjoying time, learning something new every day and finding adventure.

•We used this time for some much needed home improvements even though we both were still working. I at least get to work from home and saved all the commute time daily.

•So far I have been listening to every song on my CD collection. It’s that large, one local radio station that plays oldies played 95 percent of my library. I donated a substantial amount of my records to another radio station. Oh, I also donated a major portion to my local university radio station. So I’m singing along with the oldies to keep me busy.

•We’re doing great, easy for us because we live like that normally. Kids played out on trampoline and had Kona Ice stop by. Make an appointment it’s well worth it.

•We have cleaned out the shed, now porches /carport, having the house pressure washed today.
Gone through drawers, closets, under beds(lol), cleaned cars! I have rather enjoyed this time home. 

•I'm fortunate to still be working from home. My two adult children who live with us are essential employees so they go to work every day. My husband is a furloughed Disney employee, and so far, he's heard nothing regarding his unemployment (I've heard similar stories from others). My high school daughter easily adapted to online learning, but she's concerned about the effect on her AP exams. And naturally, she misses her friends. I am a social person, so I really miss going to my office every day.

•For us on the weekends we have our grandkids. We have barbecue in the backyard a little swimming pool. And we are training our grandkids to ride their bikes, movie night (with) popcorn, cotton candy. Because we have to cherish our family, because our moments will go away even though the virus is around it doesn’t stop us from loving each other, and have some extra quality time with our grandkids after all we are all essential workers. And we all managed time because time is so precious. 

•Haven't been able to work, so the stuff I would like to be doing, like planting a garden or planting a butterfly garden is not in the cards right now. Hard to have fun when your future is uncertain. But, I do have faith and that is what's getting me through this!