The best Valentine's Day gifts would be?

  • Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is Friday. It’s the day to buy flowers, candy or other gifts for your sweetheart.

But what if you could get your significant other anything they wanted?

So that’s what we asked you on our Facebook page and you submitted some whimsical and thoughtful responses.

Here were just some of your replies:

• Sixty more years of health to make memories with me! (That will make us 109 and 107 but that’s OK).

• A day of relaxation. He is always doing something. When he is not at work, he is doing things around the yard, our home, or helping the in-laws.

• One day for him to just his own time. No rules, no time frame, just relaxation. I wish I could have found him sooner, to have loved him longer.

• A brand new pick up truck. He works so hard and sacrificed so much so we could move here.

• My husband has a 1969 Camaro that he would love to redo, but with me sick and out of work all he can do is work to help our family pay bills. If I could I would love to surprise him with a makeover on his car.

• Good health.

• I could grant one wish for my hubby, Charlie, for Valentine’s Day.....I would take him back to Cades Cove, Tennessee, for a day of relaxation!

• I want to take my husband camping for a weekend. He loves camping and he hasn’t been able to go for years.

• I would wish for my love peace, in everything. That the car would not break down (again), the house would sell, new roots and that my horrible luck (and health) would not keep dragging her down.

• A break. That is what I’d wish for my love!

• His health to be better & so he can be a Paramedic/ Firefighter again.

• I’m my significant other and I wish for a prosperous year. • Maid service for a

• Maid service for a month. He won’t have to hear me complain, that’s a gift itself.

• Peace, Love & Happiness always.

Happy Valentine’s Day Osceola County!