There are two art exhibits at Osceola Arts ready to draw gazing eyeballs

  • The Bronze Kingdom
    The Bronze Kingdom
  • Michelle Irizarry
    Michelle Irizarry

The Bronze Kingdom exhibits will be on display until March 29. With over 2,000 pieces in the collection, Bronze Kingdom represents an important spectrum of African bronze, beaded and wood sculptures from all over the continent including Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal and The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Collector, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Rawlvan R. Bennett acquired this work over 40 years directly from African leaders through cultivated relationships and respectful negotiations, building schools, hospitals and bridges for West African communities. Works from Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon, along with works from featured artists that will range from South Africa to Central Florida will be on display in the Main Gallery.

Michelle Irizarry

Osceola Arts presents Orlando artist Michelle Irizarry in the Studio Gallery. Irizarry started painting in her native Puerto Rico at a very young age and it has been a therapeutic and healing endeavor throughout her life. Human suffering and overcoming adversity are common themes in her artwork. She is especially sensitive to environmental causes, and water is a common theme. A recent fascination with the human form has inspired her to include her daughters as subjects in many of her paintings. Michelle’s work has been described as colorful, introspective, profound and thoughtprovoking and have been exhibited in galleries throughout Central Florida. “Visions of Our Environment” by Michelle Irizarry in the Studio Gallery, Feb. 29 - April 24.