Elite Junior Volleyball Club Launches in Kissimmee

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    PE Volleyball

Founder and Executive Director of CFL Precision Volleyball Training, Maxim Auguste, believes that optimal performance in the sport requires high level instruction at the junior club level. Newly formed, Precision Elite Volleyball (PEV), which operates at the Mary Jane Arrington Gym & Aquatic Center, located in Osceola County, is designed to serve beginner to advance level volleyball athletes, eager to grasp top-level instruction applicable to successful teams.

Prior to moving to Kissimmee, Auguste operated a volleyball club in New York, Fundamental Volleyball Club. In 2017, his 18s team competed in the 2017 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Volleyball Classic 18 Open, in Orlando, securing an impressive championship. Auguste alludes the team’s success to elite level tactical training, coupled with statistics and video analysis of his players and opposing teams. 

Known as an amazing teacher of the game, Auguste, CAP II certified instructor with USA Volleyball, former division I coach, and player on the St. Lucia National Team, has devoted much of his life to the sport. He analyzes individuals and teams to determine the most effective strategy that demands best effort against top opposing teams.

“My commitment to start a junior volleyball program for players ages thirteen to eighteen (13-18), is based on a progressive model, that provides scholarship opportunities for players,” said Auguste, who also works as a high-level consultant for private institutions and volleyball organizations in New York and Florida. “We take our responsibility to the community seriously. We focus a lot on skill introduction and fine-tuning through demonstration, so all players can attain visual exposure of how the skills are applied.”

In the Kissimmee community, Auguste has noted many volleyball clubs that serve young girls and boys in the sport. However, he is more critical of the deficiency in tactical coaching leadership to preparing players for college recruitment, as compared to neighboring Orlando. His main focus is to bring Kissimmee’s athletes to advance standards in the game, while keeping costs as low as possible, coupled with doable payment options.

“Division I and top division II volleyball are optimally strategic in their design,” said Auguste. “Once athletes get to that level, trying to improve skills is not the priority. They must have their skills readily available to be incorporated into team strategies.”

And this is where Auguste and his coaching staff come into play.

Precision Elite Volleyball begins tryouts on Sunday, Sept. 6, starting at noon, at the Mary Jane Arrington Gym and Aquatic Center, located at 625 Country Club Drive, Kissimmee. All registration information is located at cflprecisionvolleyball.com. The club intends to perform make up tryouts in October if necessary, to accommodate those who may have missed the initial opportunity. For players interested in fundamental training and development programs, these offers will be available from January 2021.

All activities conducted by this elite organization, ensures that all state, local and CDC guidelines are enforced. This includes social distancing, temperature checks of all coaches and players, hand sanitizers be used during breaks, face mask worn by coaches, as well as players, when they are not on the court.

For more information regarding Precision Elite Volleyball and its upcoming events, visit www.cflprecisionvolleyball.com or email Coach Max at cflprecisionvolleyball@gmail.com.