• Aun

Hate. It seems like the world is fueled by it today. As a matter of fact, hate has seemingly become a religion where one prays for bad to happen to another. When did we lose our way?

What causes hate? Usually it starts with lack of respect. Not to oversimplify things, but disrespect seems to be the common denominator of hate. It is not the depth of hatred that drives people, it is their shallow thinking that energizes their negatives.

On the other hand, some observe that the opposite of love is not hate. It is, in fact, indifference. If people are still throwing pots and pans at one another, there is at least an element of love left in the relationship.

Deduction? Love drives hate and vice versa. I once heard an observation: “I should hate you, but stupidly, I still love you.”

The kind of hatred that is driving our politics lately is unusual. Most people hate others because of what they represent or believe. When you boil it down, they do not stand “for” anything, but “against” everything.

When Democrats proclaim hated for Trump, they lose their argument by not being for an alternative, especially one that can win. Will Rogers once observed, “I am not a member of any organized political party... I’m a Democrat” Disorganization is driving hatred in today’s Democrat Party.

When taxpayers express their distaste for frivolous spending, they never seem to agree on what needs to be given up. There is a profound lack of respect for the other’s position.

Some people... some things... some arguments are just like rainy days and Mondays... and we allow them to get us down, as the song goes.

When do we finally conclude that we are in control of how we allow others to make us feel? Are we in control of our emotions? Could it be that, what we hate in others, is the same thing we hate most in ourselves? Just thinking out loud here.

I think the reasons people hate politics has nothing to do with the politician and everything to do with their objectives – winning and power! In the worst kind of slimy way, our country has gotten so partisan that it may be time for a third party.

The right and the left have taken on a kind of polarization that will never find peace or compromise. As a country, I think we are better than this. The bloodletting will continue until an alternative emerges.

Saddest of all, we often end up with political jokes getting elected, which creates another problem – getting rid of them. In the end, an answer as simple as two words-term limits.

Should we have term limits on things like marriage? How about parenting? Think how much pain you would really endure if you were limited to a term of time you could enjoy the love of your grandchildren? Beware of the goals you set for yourself for you may attain them.

OK... so it is not a perfect world. Does it have to be so diametrically opposite? Perhaps that is what people hate mostwhat politicians say and what they do is completely different. By definition... that is lying.

Most of us do not mind differences in opinion. What we do mind is hate. I have been a Democrat by party label all my life. I ran for the House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1980 when I lived in South Carolina and thankfully, got beat handily.

Yet, I cannot recall the last time I voted for more Democrats that I have others. What does that make me? An Independent? If I were, I would be a man without a party because Independents do not exist in our current political system as an organized Party.

So, if you want a say in Primary Elections, you must choose party affiliation. Go figure... at least two of the candidates running for president as Democrats are not even legally affiliated with the Democrat Party. Maybe I did not get the memo. Can they even vote for themselves?