What’s your view on the Osceola County face-covering mandate?

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    Face covering

On July 20, the Osceola County Commission voted to implement a face-covering mandate that would fine those not wearing a face covering in the county.

Violators would first get a warning. The second and third infractions would bring a $25 fine. The fourth and beyond would draw a $50 warning.

We wanted to know what you thought. So on our Facebook page we asked: “Do you agree or disagree with the Osceola County Commission enacting fines for those who don’t wear a face covering in public and why?”

Here were just some of your responses:

• “Fines because no mask will be a waste of time when there’s other stuff to worry about. It shouldn’t be mandated, whoever wants to wear it they can wear it and whoever doesn’t don’t. We live to die, can’t do nothing about it, with or without a mask. If God says it’s your time, it’s your time.”

• “I feel sorry for the ones who have to enforce it... like there isn’t enough going on. It’s just adding coal to the fire.”

• “So glad I no longer live there.”

• Agree. It’s about time. If I have to wear the mask at least 8 or 10 hours a day to deal with customers you should do it too....”

• “Nope. Exactly why I won’t step foot in Osceola or Orange counties.”

• “Great idea. We obviously can’t count on citizens to do something as simple as wear a mask to stop a pandemic on their own volition.”

• “I don’t agree with the fine. I think it’s an unnecessary stress on law enforcement and citizens. It is cultivating distrust in the community among the residents. I think it also emboldens vigilantes that harass and get aggressive with others.”

• “Yes, I agree with the fine. It’s unfortunate that so many feel indifferent to others and refuse to wear a mask. The mask is not only for your safety but ours. Show a little consideration for others.”

• “Yes, just what we need. Police altercations with the public due to not wearing a mask. Like there aren’t enough dumb reasons the police are used to escalate a situation to 100.”

• “Agree, I hated the seatbelt law but once you hit my pockets, I have followed the rules or law whatever you want to call it. This stuff is no joke and we need to get it under control before flu season is upon us. Thanks for having the unpleasant job of doing it. Now stick to it.” • “76 years old with

• “76 years old with health problems and got really tired of running into the jerks that wouldn’t even wear one so hell yes it’s about time!”

• “I strongly agree. Wearing a mask is important for public health during this pandemic. Some people stop at red lights to protect themselves and others on the road, but some only stop to avoid a fine, which is why there is a fine. The same applies to masks.”

• “No fine if the mask is on so... And they give you an opportunity to put it on if not wearing it. Fines would only really apply then to belligerent idiots.”

• “Yep it’s a worldwide conspiracy. All the government’s who hate each other are conspiring together to get you to lose your freedoms and wear a mask.”

• “If you can’t breathe with a mask, then you have a respiratory problem and need to wear one. I wear one just fine and I’m pleasantly plump.”

• “Good, the covidiots may finally start to use masks and we can begin to slow down this virus.”

• “The masks are mandatory. So is breathing. Some of us can’t do both. The COVID numbers are being manufactured to allow this miscarriage of justice to take place. Media manipulation and government over regulation is destroying more lives than this virus.”

• “I have asthma and breathing is always difficult for me with or without a mask. But if I get COVID-19 I will die. I always have on a mask. I would rather have on a mask than die. Stop being selfish, put on a mask.”

• “I believe our law enforcement has better things to do, than face mask stalk people to write a ticket.”

• “I don’t think they will be consistent about it, so it’s more of an empty threat. It will become more of a wrong place/ wrong time issue.”