We asked you: Who wins – Trump or Biden?


With the General Election less than a week away, we asked on our Facebook page who you thought was going to win the presidency Nov. 3, and why President Donald Trump or former Vice-President Biden would be favored.

Here were just some of your responses:

• Biden. Polls show strong leads in swing States. It’s about the Electoral College not the popular vote.

• Uncle Sam! Cause guess what? Regardless who takes office, I still have to get up and go to work, pay my taxes and take care of my responsibilities! So yeah, I say Uncle Sam! And yes I’m voting, just don’t feel the need to shout and parade it! Vote. Good luck to all those involved. I can’t wait for this election to be over already!

•Trump better win or we’re screwed!!!!

•Trump wins. He better. Otherwise the U.S., as we know it, will be gone. You better bet the Democrats will move quickly toward socialism if they win. We are getting a bad taste of it right now with this pandemic. Also, be ready for another shut down with a national mask mandate. All of your rights living in a free nation will be non-existent.

• Trump wins… My prediction is by 60 percent of the vote..

•Trump wins. America wins!

•Trump might win because he cheats.