Upgrades in the community

  • Harmony Water Treatment Plant
    Harmony Water Treatment Plant
  • Lake Marion Water Reclamation Facility
    Lake Marion Water Reclamation Facility

Toho Water Authority (Toho) manages and operates 13 water treatment plants and 8 water reclamation facilities producing 37.5 million gallons of potable water and reclaiming 27 million gallons of wastewater each day.
On a daily basis, plant operators check equipment, wells and treatment operations – safeguarding everything is working efficiently and adhering to state and federal guidelines to provide a safe water supply. The plants are monitored around-the-clock to ensure continuous service to our customers. Several of our plants are receiving upgrades.
Despite the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Toho has been actively working on and recently completed two upgrades:

Harmony Water Treatment Plant
Toho operates the Harmony Water Treatment Plant to serve the community of Harmony. Toho’s water supply comes from the Upper Floridan aquifer, a natural underground reservoir. This aquifer is the primary source of water for all of Central Florida. The water is treated to meet national drinking water standards. While in compliance, treated water may also contain naturally occurring organics and hydrogen sulfide which can affect water quality.
Toho recently completed building a new aeration system at the Harmony treatment plant designed specifically to remove the hydrogen sulfide and reduce the potential for odors. The addition of this system to the existing treatment processes will further enhance water appearance, taste, odor and quality.

Lake Marion Water Reclamation Facility
The Lake Marion Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in the Poinciana Area of Polk County recently underwent an expansion of its treatment capacity. It is essentially a brand-new plant where the old plant will be upcycled to carry out other functions.
The recent expansion now allows for a treatment capacity of 3 million gallons a day. The master plan includes a future build out that will allow for a capacity of 6 million gallons a day to help meet future growth in the area.
Toho Water Authority projects and programs employ sustainable practices to protect the environment as it strives to make our communities better while meeting future demands.