Tropical Storm Isaias has formed and heading toward Florida

  • Current path of Tropical Storm Isaias.
    Current path of Tropical Storm Isaias.

The tropical disturbance currently heading toward Florida has formed into Tropical Storm Isaias.

Looking at the tracking map, is also moving more to the East thhan on Wednesday.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Isaias is expected to move across Hispaniola, as the storm's interaction with the mountainous island should cause some weakening and disruption to the circulation.  However, the models suggest that a new center could form, and the environmental conditions would support gradual intensification. It should be noted that there are models that show hurricane strength near the U.S. but, given the large  amount of uncertainty, it is preferred to stay on the  conservative side for now, Hurricane Center officials said. The Hurricane Center should have a better idea of how strong Isaias will become near the U.S. after reconnaissance  aircraft sample the storm and after it passes Hispaniola later today.