St. Cloud man accused of killing 2 people in a red-light running crash had history of reckless driving, videos show

  • Hunter Black
    Hunter Black

The St. Cloud man accused of killing two people in a red-light running crash had a history of reckless driving according to video on his electronic devices.

Hunter Black, 20, of St. Cloud, has been charged with negligence, reckless driving, vehicular homicide and driving while license suspended – causing death or serious injury after the Oct. 26, 2019, crash that killed Aliandro Conde, 15, and his mother, Alys Gonzalez, 41. 

St. Cloud police officials said Black was driving at about 72 mph in a 1999 Ford E-350 XLT van at about 12:44 a.m. west on Nolte Road when he ran the red light at the intersection at Michigan Avenue. Black, who was also recording himself on the app Snapchat, slammed into a 2015 Jeep Renegade, killing both victims at the scene, according to a St. Cloud Police Department report.  Aliandro and Alys were on their way home after working for Uber Eats.

The Snapchat video appears to show Black holding his cellular phone in his right hand and steering the wheel with his left.

But according to the police report, Hunter had a history of reckless and careless driving after investigators got a search warrant for several of his electronic devices. The Apple company provided files of videos to St. Cloud police after they requested the information. One file showed several videos and photographs Black took.

“Within the file I located several videos of Black filming himself driving in a careless or reckless manner,” wrote Officer Ryan Manning in the police report.

Some of the videos showed:

• Black running a stop sign at 100mph (shown on odometer) with the words “never going to stop” typed on the video.

• Him running four stop signs on a scooter.

• Running a red light on 13th Street and New York Avenue with “ain’t never gonna stop” typed on the video.

• Running a red light on E. U.S. Highway 192 near Simmons Road with “who cares” typed on the video.

• Driving in the oncoming lane on Hickory Tree Road and nearly causing a head-on collision with another vehicle.

• Driving the wrong way on Hickory Tree Road at more than 90 mph.

• Driving on Hickory Tree Road  in foggy conditions at more than 70 mph, while traveling in and out of the opposite lane.

• Driving eastbound on 13th Street at more than 80 mph in a 40 mph zone.

•  Traveling east on Lillian Lee Road and running a stop sign at Nora Tyson Road.

During the investigation, St. Cloud police also received information from Google for Black’s account. According to the police report, Black searched for, “After crash how would police investigators tell speed of the vehicle,” and “How to get on flight if ID was stolen or lost.”