Osceola seeing big storms

  • Weather watching
    Weather watching

Recently, we have been seeing some big storms pop up on the hot humid afternoons, with many of them producing wind of 40 to 50 miles per hour along with lots of lightning, and in some cases hail even being reported.

A storm Saturday evening after 9 p.m. produced a wind gust of 63 miles per hour in Osceola County. We are now into our lightning season and that is always a big concern with any heavy storm that moves in.

We have lots to consider now with the hurricane season also getting underway on June 1. The season is off to an active start and it’s looking like the gulf and the East Coast are likely to be affected during the season. This weather pattern doesn’t look to change much during the coming week with thunderstorm chances of about 50 percent each day with many of those getting quite heavy. June is expected to be an unusually hot and humid month across our area with rainfall and temperatures above normal. We have a full moon coming up on Friday. It will rise in the eastern sky near sunset and it is known as the Strawberry Moon. On June 7 and 8, if you are up around midnight, you can see the moon along with Jupiter and Saturn in the Eastern sky.

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