July is Smart Irrigation Month

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    smart irrigation

Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently year after year. Damage from lawn equipment or improper use can cause leaks and other serious problems that can cost you a significant amount of wasted water. On average, irrigation systems account for about 50-75% of a home’s monthly usage. It’s imperative that its efficiency level is at an optimum. More plants die from overwatering than from not enough water.

Here are a few checks to perform on a monthly or periodic basis to make sure you’re maximizing your investment.  

Adjust sprinkler heads.Remove or correct obstructions that prevent sprinklers from distributing water evenly. Adjust sprinkler head positions and spray patterns to avoid watering sidewalks or structures and to provide necessary clearance over growing plants.

Check the pressure. Pressure can change over time and negatively affect your system’s efficiency. Too high of pressure can result in too much water applied too quickly, causing runoff.
Inspect your system for leaks. Leaks are a huge water waster. A good contractor can perform regular maintenance checks for leaks, broken or clogged spray heads, and other problems. Ask your contractor to show you common problems to watch for between visits.

Have your system audited. An irrigation audit and uniformity test can verify that areas are being watered evenly and appropriately. This will also allow you to make necessary adjustments.

High-value upgrades
Rain sensors. These inexpensive sensors can be retrofitted to almost any system and help save water by turning your system off in rainy weather. It is actually Florida law to have a working rain sensor.

“Smart” controllers. Weather- or soil moisture-based controllers evaluate weather or soil moisture conditions and then automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to meet the specific needs of the landscape. These controllers take the guesswork out of watering your landscape, thus saving water over time. 

Need Assistance? Our Water Conservation Department can assist with any questions you may have regarding your irrigation system. They can assess whether an audit on your irrigation system is needed. During the audit, an inspection for leaks and efficiency will be conducted free of charge. The owner will then be advised on any repairs that need to be made to ensure the system is running efficiently. During the audit, your irrigation timer will be set to run correctly.  The team can be contacted at 407-944-5121 or by sending an email to waterconservation@tohowater.com.  You can also visit our Ways to Conserve section on www.tohowater.com to learn about your watering days and times.