Here's more stories on where you were on Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Sept. 11, 2011
    Sept. 11, 2011

        *I was outside Bealls dept store at Osceola square mall having a cigarette break. A friend at work had a daughter in law that worked in the towers, but was not at work that day. So sad!!

  • Driving from North Carolina (went to the biltmore estate) to disney Hilton head resort. The whole time listening on the radio my husband and i thought it was a new movie. But then it hit us it was real. Made that drive seem very fast. Got to the resort and put the tv on and couldn’t believe it. Then I had to call my sister to wish her a happy birthdayImage removed.. Then came back home to Florida the next day. That was a sad day for all!! God bless America!!
  • At home when my husband called because he was listening to Howard Stern in the car and had me turn on the tv. Then I spent the next hour checking in my family. Thank god my cousin who was a police officer was on his way home after his shift and got stuck on the LIE in traffic. Otherwise he would have been there. A horrible day for all of our country. Never Forget
  • I was in Pennsylvania (where I lived at the time) getting ready to go to work. I lived about 30 minutes from Shanksville, where Flight 93 went down. Everything and all of the roads around me were shut down. I had a toddler then and did not know what had happened because we had cartoons on. My work called to tell me to obviously not come in and told me what happened. Years after, I spoke to many residents in Shanksville. They had some very interesting stories of exactly what went down that day.
  • I woke up to the second plane crashing into the tower as I forgot to turn the tv off the night before. Called my mom who worked at the post office and was relating everything to her as they didn’t have tv or radio in the mail room.
  • I was teaching at Reedy Creek Elementary school. There was an intern in my class room (Elizabeth Holtz.) I went downstairs to help out in the office as there were lines of parents waiting to sign their children out and take them home.
  • I was in south Bronx high school in NYC. Now i live in Kissimmee.
  • Living in Chicago and was preparing for my dad's wake that day. My mom and I wear watching some movie to get our mind off of the wake when they broke in on cable to show the second plane going in.
  • Went to twin tower Sunday the 9,. I left my car at ft dix on Monday and fly to the island for vacation. I was waking up and turn the tv at that moment. I was heartbroken. Next thing I know vacation was over had to go back to base station. It was a caos. A truly Sad day for our nation Image removed. we will never forget Image removed.
  • At home in Kissimmee frantically trying to reach friends who worked in the Towers.In Darlene Henry’s 3rd grade class at Reedy Creek Elementary working with students.