Heat index making it feel like more than 100 degrees

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    Weather watching

Showers and thunderstorms will be likely through the weekend, and some of those will bring strong winds and frequent lightning strikes as well as very heavy downpours.

In between the storms, we will see the temperature reach the low to mid-90s, with the heat index making it feel like over 100 degrees. All in all, not a very good forecast for outdoor activities. Be sure and move inside when the storms arrive as there have been several people struck by lightning around the state of Florida during the past week. Many of these storms have been producing wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph, and I think that will continue. Some parts of Osceola County had more than 8 inches of rain during the month of June, and I think July is going to provide us quite a high total on rainfall.

Sadly there have been more reports recently in the news of heat related deaths in automobiles with the windows rolled up. There have been six deaths in the nation this summer, look before you lock! In some of these cases, kids or pets climbed into the back seat without the parents knowing they were there. With an outside temperature of only 80 degrees, the temperature inside a vehicle with the windows up reaches 109 degrees in only 20 minutes, and 123 degrees in an hour. On a 90-degree day, the temperature in a closed up car hits 120 in a half hour. Heat-related deaths are preventable. On hot days, be sure to limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of water and wear light colored clothing as it reflects the sunlight from your body.

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