Gov. DeSantis signs $500M bill to raise minimum teachers' salalries


Another $100M will go toward more experienced teachers' pay

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis
    Gov. Ron DeSantis

By Brian McBride


The average teacher’s minimum salary in Florida will go from 26th to 5th in the nation after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Wednesday dedicating $500 million for the educators.

It was a bill that had the support of lawmakers during this past legislative session.

“One of the pillars of what we wanted to accomplish was we wanted to take Florida from number 26th in the nation for average minimum teachers salary to the top 5.,” DeSantis said to applause during his press conference.

The bill also will provide $100 million toward salaries for more experienced teachers.

“That’s very exciting as well,” said DeSantis.

The state budget will be enacted on July 1. DeSantis said some other bill items might have to be moved around to support the teachers’ bill.

“This will be there 100 percent, we’ll have to make tough choices, but this is important,” he said.

The bill might event pad the teaching field, the governor said.

“Hopefully, by doing something like this, it’s going to entice some more people who may be young and thinking about what they want to do to maybe go into teaching,” he said.