Foundation asks Osceola School Board to stop prayer at meetings

  • Osceola County School Board meeting
    Osceola County School Board meeting

By Brian McBride
The Osceola County School Board has received a request from the Freedom From Religion Foundation asking it stop the opening prayer section at its meetings.
School Board Attorney Frank Kruppenbacher told School Board members at their meeting on Tuesday that he received a letter from the nonprofit organization challenging prayer at meetings.
According to its website, the purposes of the Freedom From Religion Foundation is to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism.

The foundation states that it has a robust legal department and acts on countless state/church entanglements on behalf of its members and the public.
“Through litigation, education, and other persuasive advocacy, FFRF ends hundreds of violations each year, such as prayers and proselytizing in public schools and events, public funding for religious purposes and religious symbols on public property,” the website states.
Kruppenbacher said he would contact the foundation to get its position, but would work to allow the board to continue its practice.
“Before I give you a final recommendation to the chair and the board, I want to have a conversation with them and then come back to you,” he said.
Kruppenbacher said he would talk with board members individually next week on the matter.