Community Health Services partnership to benefit Osceola County

  • Osceola News-Gazette
    Osceola News-Gazette

Osceola Community Health Services has collaborated with Osceola Council on Aging (COA) to continue expanding access to quality healthcare to the Osceola County community.

Integration of Osceola Community Health Services to the COA’s We Care Osceola program will create a seamless system that will link patients, not only to secondary care services, but also to a wide variety of social services such as housing and utility assistance, job placement and access to the food bank.

“Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive and coordinated plan of activities for low-income families and disadvantaged individuals to overcome barriers and set a path for self-sufficiency,” said Warren Hougland, senior vice president of Community Action Services. “Through this partnership we hope to offer participants access to direct health and social services, based on the patients’ specific needs and progression from one level to another level of self-sufficiency.”

According to Belinda Johnson-Cornett, CEO of Osceola Community Health Services, “Both organizations will focus not only on the health of the individual but also on those determinants of health such as poverty, housing, and food insecurity which are affected by where people live, learn, work, and play.”

Osceola Community Health Center is a network of Community Health Centers, which operate eight locations throughout Osceola County. Services include Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health for adults and children, as well as Women’s Health.

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