City gets more than 1,000 rental assistance applications in just days

  • Kissimmee City Hall
    Kissimmee City Hall

Just days after implementing a rental assistance program for residents, the city of Kissimmee closed the window after receiving more than 1,000 applications.


Kissimmee implemented the Foreclosure Prevention and Rental Assistance/Eviction Prevention Program to assist very low-income and low-income residents impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to start on March 31.


City officials then announced two days later that they were ending the program on April 4 because of the overwhelming response.

“The city had received well over 1,000 applications prior to making the decision to announce the closure of the application window,” said Melissa Zayas-Moreno, city spokeswoman.

The program offered a maximum amount for housing assistance not to exceed $1,200.00 or one month of rent, whichever is less. Funding for these programs was made available through the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program.

“The decision to close the application window was based on the number of applications received and the amount of SHIP funding currently available,” said Zayas-Moreno. “The city currently has approximately $61,000 of SHIP funding it will allocate toward rental assistance.”

 Will the city be offering it again in the future?

“Once additional funding becomes available, the city would process those applications already received during the first application window if they had not already been helped,” Zayas-Moreno said. “If the application list is exhausted, we would then call for additional applications.”

If someone is needing rental assistance, Zayas-Moreno said they should dial 2-1-1 to speak with United Way. Or, for those needing assistance with a mortgage payment, they are encouraged to check the city’s website on the ways some mortgage providers are offering assistance, such as the forbearance program.

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