Be aware of lightning this time of year

  • Weather watching
    Weather watching

By Steve Norris

For the News-Gazette

It looks like we are going to have to put up with numerous showers and thunderstorms on and off all the way through the holiday weekend unfortunately. The temperatures are likely to reach the mid-90s around midday and very humid, and then the stage is set as the atmosphere becomes very unstable and the heavy storms develop.

Downpours are likely along with gusty winds and cloud to ground lightning strikes. Hopefully we will get breaks in the clouds for July 4th night, because we will be very near a full moon and add that to the fireworks and the night would be magical.  The actual full moon is on July 5. Did you know Mars has two moons and Jupiter 63 moons! 

I was telling you in a recent article how we are at our most dangerous time of the year from now through August for lightning strikes. NOAA  statistics show that about one-third of lightning fatalities occur while people are either fishing, boating or at the beach.  Another third were working outside, such as mowing the lawn, working on the roof and construction and farming. The last third were having fun outside, going on walks and camping, riding motorcycles and ATVs and playing soccer and golf. Eighty percent were men, and there were no fatalities to anyone in their home during lightning. So always move inside when a storm is approaching and avoid electrical appliances and you should be just fine. You can reach me anytime at