Should Halloween celebrations, festivities be cancelled due to COVID-19?

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Should Halloween events such as trick-o-treating and Trunk or Treat be cancelled due to the coronavirus?

Cities such as Dover, Del. and Oskaloosa, Iowa have reportedly banned any kind of celebration and Los Angeles offcials had cancelled the holiday, but reversed themselves and just said it was not recommended.

So, we asked the public on our Facebook page, if Osceola County should cancel Halloween events due to the pandemic.

Here are some of the responses.

• No! Enough has been cancelled! These kids are suffering from lack of socialization, missing their friends, etc.

• My business will have treat bags made up for anyone that is trick or treating.

• No. Kids can wear masks and be given only wrapped candy!

• Do not cancel Halloween! There’s already been too much cancelled thanks to this current cancel culture environment we’ve unfortunately found ourselves trapped in. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and realize life can go on in a safe manner. Lord help us all! Sigh.

• No. Kids are not at risk for covid (much less than the annual flu), but they are at high risk for anxiety, depression, and self-harm. Let kids be kids. They need it.

• No! This is not something that should be decided by a committee or any level of government. This is an individual decision. Halloween will be here on October 31st. If you don’t want to participate, don’t take your kids out, don’t decorate your home and don’t leave your porch light on. Government leaders need not even broach the topic. Let it ride. It’s been six months of flattening the curve now. We all know how to take care of ourselves.

• No way-we all need some fun right now. Most costumes come with “masks”, most Halloween activities are outside. I say.... let’s do it!

• No need. Parents can make that choice for their family. If the kids can social distance at school with same or bigger class sizes then they can social distance Halloween. Only let the kids eat store packaged treats or just have a family activity at home with the kids. We’ve always done that anyway. I actually had a fun activity planned for every weekend in October. Halloween can be done safely with adult prudence and supervision for the kids.

• No, if families want to hand out candy they should put their light on. If families want to trick or treat they should dress up and go to those doors that have a light on.

• No. Stop, the children been through enough. Damn if LEGOLAND can do it for money why can’t Osceola County do something for the children of course taking safety measures so every child can experience fun and be happy for one night. Not every family can afford to go pay money to bring joy to their kids.

• No. I didn’t know how the government has taken control of our lives in this way. No, no, no. Actually it’s probably the safest holiday with their guidelines. Many are wearing masks. Let the kids get back to some normalcy.

• No. Stop trying to take everything away from us. Adults might understand, but young kids do not. It can be done safely.

• No let these kids have a little bit of fun in this new norm.

• No if you can go to Walmart, school, and everywhere else why cancel! These kiddos need it more than anything.

• Trick-or-treaters go door to door with masks on. What’s the problem? This is getting out of control! It is the parents’ decision, not the government’s decision. The children have been through a lot. Let them have some fun.

• No! Our children been through enough, let them be children, we take precautions anyway, yes I do check the candy when we get home.

• For reference, kids are more likely to die by falling down the stairs, playing football, riding in a car, or flying in a plane that to die of covid. Heck, they’re more likely to be struck by lightning. So yeah, they should be able to trick or treat.

• Kids have the masks on just add gloves and social distancing.

• If they try and cancel it, we can just let the kids protest in costumes going door to door.

• No, the children need this to help them with all this craziness

• Not cancelled! No way!

• No they shouldn’t, if you don’t feel safe that’s you not everyone else.

• No. Just adjusted to be safer.

• No. Let the kids trick or treat.

Happy Halloween Osceola County!