Letter to the Editor: Thank you teachers

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To the Editor,

My name’s Gabriella, and I’m a rising ninth-grader at Florida Cyber Charter Academy (FLCCA).

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I wanted to thank my teachers for making a huge difference in my life. Before I transferred to FLCCA, I wasn’t challenged, and didn’t feel like I was learning enough. But now, my teachers are really supportive and challenge me in ways I never thought possible. They also encourage my extracurricular activities, and they celebrate my accomplishments outside of school – which is really important to me.

I’m passionate about service and volunteering – and because my school is so flexible, I have time to give back. Right now, I help at an animal rescue, and also work to provide housing for hurricane victims. In my spare time, I also teach free dance, art and music classes to kids who might not have the same opportunities as me.

This year, I was chosen out of 400 students to receive Disney’s Dreamers & Doers Award. My school nominated me based on academic performance and community service. It makes me feel special that my school knows how much I care about service, and wants me to succeed. I hope every kid has teachers like mine, who care about everyone individually and encourage them to follow their dreams. Thank you, FLCCA teachers.

Gabriella Dali-Rivera

St. Cloud