Show your toilet, plumbing some love this February

  • Toho Water
    Toho Water

February is the month of love. It's not all about romantic gestures though. We want to remind you to LOVE your toilet and plumbing. Whether that’s by canning and disposing of grease or placing wipes in the trash, fixing running toilets and effective plumbing is something we can't live without. Toho Water Authority wants to remind everyone about what should never be disposed of down the drain or toilet.


Prevent clogged pipes

Cooking grease coats sewer pipes similar to the way that fatty foods clog human arteries. The grease clings to the inside of the pipes, eventually causing complete blockage. Pouring fats, oils and grease down the drain can wreak havoc on our sewer systems and treatment facilities.

Increasingly, sewer pipes have to be cleaned to remove all this buildup to prevent sewer overflows and ensure our systems are working at optimum levels. Let them cool and place your old fats, oils and grease in a container/can and place them in the trash.


No wipes please

The only things that should be disposed of down the drain or toilet are: water, soap and toilet paper. Wipes are a big no-no.

Wipes, even the ones that say “flushable” on the packaging, shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. They get tangled in the machinery that moves the sewage back to the treatment plants. These wipes can also easily get stuck to any grease found in the sewers. This can lead to sewage backing up onto streets and inside people’s homes. Having a sewage back up occur in your home can be messy and costly.

To avoid this from happening, here’s a list of items that should not be disposed of down the drain or toilet.


Don’t flush these:

•    wipes (even the “flushable” ones)

•    hygiene or feminine products

•    kitchen towels, tissues or cloths

•    diapers

•    dental floss or whitening strips

•    Kitty Litter

•    condoms

•    medicines or vitamins

•    hair

•    bandages or cotton swabs

•    oils, fats, grease or lard

•    dairy products or sauces

•    food scraps or baking goods


Remember, the only things that should be disposed of down the drain or toilet are water, soap and toilet paper. This will ensure a happy sewer and happy families everywhere.