What is a standby generator?

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No one wants to imagine losing power in their homes. But homeowners and renters face such situations every day. For those who aren’t prepared to confront power outages, doing so can be a nuisance in the best of situations, and potentially very dangerous, if not fatal, in the most dire instances.

Thankfully, no one has to go long without power. Standby generators are backup electrical systems that operate automatically. Once the generator senses a power loss, which can occur within seconds of a utility outage, its automatic transfer switch essentially gives the generator a wakeup call, commanding it to begin supplying power to the circuits in a home.

Some transfer switches may be automated, requiring no effort on the part of homeowners when the power goes out. Others may need to be flipped on like one might flip a light switch. Seniors and/or people with mobility issues may benefit from standby generators with automated transfer switches, as they may find it difficult to manually turn the switches themselves. That’s especially true if the power goes out overnight, when visibility inside a home with no power is compromised.

Standby generators are typically connected to the circuits throughout a home, which means they can kick in and run HVAC systems, refrigerators and security systems, among other devices. That helps people stay comfortable and sleep well during power outages, while also ensuring they won’t have to throw away any groceries or spend times in their homes without functioning security systems.

Standby generators can help people prepare for and overcome storms and natural disasters, making them an invaluable addition to any home.

Portable back-up generators produce the poison gas carbon monoxide (CO). CO is an odorless, colorless gas that kills without warning. It claims the lives of hundreds of people every year and makes thousands more ill. Follow these steps to keep your family safe.

Never use a generator inside your home or garage, even if doors and windows are open. Only use generators outside, more than 20 feet away from your home, doors, and windows.