Osceola County shelter information

  • Sheriff

Planning for food and water for at least 7 days for the entire family before a storm arrives is urged.

• Residents who live in a site-built home are asked to shelter-in-place for any hurricanes. If they must leave, make plans to stay with friends and family during the storm.

• Shelters will focus on Special Needs Clients (reserved for the client and one-caregiver), Residents living in low-lying, flood prone areas, and those living in manufactured homes.

• Shelters will include a screening process to include medical questions and temperature checks.

• Social distancing will be in place at the shelters and areas will be limited to 50 people or less in each area of the shelter. You will need to bring your own bedding and are encouraged to bring food/snacks. Food at the shelters will be pre-packaged meals in guidance with CDC to lessen the spread of COVID-19 in these locations.

Shelter in place

Many emergencies require you to shelter in place. Hazardous materials incidents are an example of an emergency which may require you to stay-put. Your venturing outside or going anywhere may pose a great risk to yourself or your loved ones. When considering sheltering in place, again, you should have the necessary supplies on hand to manage your daily care. This includes food and water along with other everyday necessities. Make your disaster supply kit and keep an overstock of food-stuff items. Particularly those items that do not require cooking. Should an event occur that requires you to shelter in place, officials will let you know at the outset on the best manner to manage the circumstances of the emergency.

Here is a brief list of essentials you may require:

• Plastic Sheeting

• Towels

• First Aid Kit

• Water

• Non-Perishable Food

• Flashlights

• Fresh Batteries

• Duct Tape

• AM / FM Battery-Powered Radio

• NOAA Weather Alert Radio

• Activities for yourself and your children (books, games, etc...)