Steve Arik to headdine at Porky's Comedy Club

Steve Arik

Porky’s Comedy Club is back at it with another weekend performance Saturday. And this time, it’s Steve Arik who is headlining the show. 

A first-timer at Porky’s, Arik currently lives just a couple of hours away in St. Petersburg. He said he first heard of Porky’s when his old friend, Lou Angelwolf, headlined the grand opening of the St. Cloud comedy club — and he’s dreamed of being booked there ever since.

“Without sounding like a suck up, I am really looking forward to working Porky's. I have heard so many wonderful things about the club, the atmosphere, the staff and the owners,” Arik told the News-Gazette prior to his debut performance on Friday. “It is a club run by experienced comedians, who know how a comedy club should be run.”

Arik, born in Iowa and raised in Southern Wisconsin, said he got into comedy because he simply wanted to “be around people who are laughing.”

“My father owned and operated funeral homes, and two of my older brothers continued the family business,” he said. “I never had any interest in [that].” 

And so, Arik left snowy Wisconsin and headed to sunny Florida, where he booked his first official comedy gig at age 23. 

“[Comedy] was something I wanted to do since childhood. In ‘87 I saw a cable show that showcased local comedy clubs. They did a segment on open mic nights. I went to one of the open mics they promoted. My very first set, I was asked by the producers of the cable show if they could film me, to add a ‘newcomer’ segment. I was on the show that prompted me to go out and try comedy the very next episode,” he said. Thankfully, I don't think any tapes of that are still in existence.”

Arik said people believe his acts “tend to be a bit of an ‘adult’ act,” and that his show is “X-rated.” He says that’s not the case: “There is very rarely full frontal nudity.”

Arik will close his weekend debut at Porky’s Comedy Club in St. Cloud tonight, with a headlining performance. Tickets are $15. 

DID YOU KNOW — Guests who purchase show tickets online in advance receive a $7.50 discount off of a Jimmy Bear’s meal or entree at the show. 

For those interested in dinner, dinner seating will begin at 7 p.m. The comedy show is at 9 p.m.

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Q&A with Steve Arik

Osceola News-Gazette: Did you have any favorite comedians as a kid?

Steve Arik: “When I was in grade school, when my grandma came and visited, she would let me stay up and watch The Tonight Show. The first time I saw David Brenner as a guest host, I knew that I wanted to be a comedian. I loved The Smothers Brothers, and recently had the opportunity to spend time with them. I was majorly star struck.”

 ONG: Where was your very first gig? How old were you?

Arik: “I did a lot of emceeing at local clubs. My first road gig was Mobile, Alabama. A headliner that was working my local club asked me to go with him. I was 23.”

 ONG: Where have you traveled to as a performer? 

Arik: “I spent a couple weeks in London. I have done several Caribbean Islands. Nudist resorts are always a fun change of pace. I've done a number of them. No I don't take off my clothes. I won't go that far to get a laugh. “