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SeaWorld is back with its annual Seven Seas Food Festival. Included in general SeaWorld theme park admission, the 2019 festival features more than 180 items, including unique foods, craft brews, wines and spirits.

“We have a lot of good things,” said Héctor Colón, executive chef of culinary operations for SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove and Aquatica. “I love to come on my day off and just enjoy a little bit of the food. Put some shorts on, and some sandals, and walk around and enjoy.”

From the food and live music, to all of SeaWorld’s other attractions, it makes for a great day out.

Take a closer look:


Before you start your journey of food through SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival, pick up an Event Guide on your way into the park. The booklet includes a map of all of the Seven Seas outdoor kitchen locations, menus from each kitchen and more.

One of the highlighted sections in the Event Guide is “Discover Your Favorite Beer.” This two-page section (pages 8-9) shares a diagram of beers — from light, highly carbonated brews, to dark ales. It also features an ABV (alcohol by volume) and an IBU (international bitterness units scale) scale.


With more than 30 outdoor kitchens, there’s something to taste for every palette. There are international bites of all kinds, with suitable options for children as well. Take a look at the full list:

Flamecraft Bar (1), Wine Tasting (2), Goose Island Beer Tasting (3), Coca-Cola Market (4), Crooked Can Brewery - Island Grove Vineyard (5), Café de Mar (6), Mexican Market (7), Run & Tequila Tasting (8), Italian Market (9), All-American Market (10), Wine Tasting (11), Vegan Market (12), Florida Avenue Brewery - Kim Crawford Winery (13), Mediterranean Market (14), Swamphead Brewery - Ironstone Vineyards (15), North Atlantic Market (16), Sparkling Wine Tasting (17), Waterway Grill (18), Pacific Coast Market (19), German Market (20), Polynesian Market (21), Gulf Coast Market (22), Walking Tree Brewery - William Hill Winery (23), Ivanhoe Park Brewery - Graham Beck Winery (24), Asian Market (25), Brazilian Market (26), Motorworks Brewery (27), Jack Daniels Cocktails (28), Full Sail Brewery (29), Sweets Market (30), Florida Market (31), Caribbean Market - Jamaican / Cuban / Puerto Rican / Dominican Republic (32), Sierra Nevada - Crooked Can Breweries (33), Florida Can Distillery (34), Classic Rum Cocktails (35) and Sea Dog - Florida Beer / Tampa Bay Breweries (36).


There are a lot of returning favorites this year, but there are also plenty of new dishes to try.

One of the most anticipated is the Poutine — French fries, topped with hot gravy and melted cheese curds. This dish can be found in the North Atlantic Market (16).

Another new item: Brazilian Pichanha Steak. The steak served with oven-roasted potatoes and tomato chimmichurri sauce can be found in the Brazilian Market (26), and paired with a Frozen Caipirinah — Cachaca (Brazilian rum), lime juice and simple syrup.

Though Chef Colón isn’t a vegan, he said his favorite market at Seven Seas Food Festival is the Vegan Market.

“I walk right up to the Vegan Market. I love the Impossible Meat Slider,” he said, about the plant-based burger (served with caramelized balsamic onions, jalapeno ketchup and fresh arugula, all on a mini pretzel bun). “The burger is so good, and so crispy … It’s something different.”


What’s a party without music? Live music is happening throughout the festival, at SeaWorld’s own Bayside Stadium.

This weekend, March 16-17, catch Saturday’s concert by singer Bret Michaels. On Sunday, Gente de Zona will take the stage.


SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival runs Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, now through May 5.

For more information, visit https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/seven-seas-food-festival/.