osceola library

The Osceola Library System is celebrating summer with a handful of events that are out of this world. It’s all happening at the Hart Memorial Library in Kissimmee, located at 211 E. Dakin St. 


• June 11: PBS KIDSTIME (11 a.m.)

Learn and explore with PBS characters in this special storytime followed by a craft. Presented by WUCF and Central Florida PBS.

• June 13: Explorer’s Guide to the Universe (5 p.m.)

Expand your knowledge of space with an overall look at where we are and what is out there. Presented by the Central Florida Astronomical Society.

• June 19: Gatorland (10 a.m.)

Meet the knowledgeable and entertaining Gator Wranglers from Gatorland who will share stories of close encounters with some of the world’s most feared predators.

• June 20: Space Exploration (5 p.m.)

3...2...1… Blastoff into space exploration with a galaxy of activities. 

• June 26: DoDad’s Lab (10 a.m.)

Follow Professor DoDad and his new friend Darcy into space and have fun learning about the solar system, space travel, gravity, stars and more. 

• June 27: Drones to the rescue (5 p.m.)

Jump in the virtual pilot sear of a mini-drone. The Citizen Science GIS team from the University of Central Florida will showcase how drones fly into the rescue in natural disasters. 


• June 11: Zodiac Mandala Stones (4 p.m.)

Journey through the zodiac with painted mandala stones.

• June 13: Space Jam - A Canning Demo (11 a.m.)

Jam with style as you explore the canning universe with Gabi from Extension Services. Learn the process of canning and long-term preserving. 

• June 18: A Universe of Art (4 p.m.)

Nurture your artistic talent and be inspired by local artist, grace Senior Morandi. 

• June 21: Interstellar Bingo (11 a.m.)

Bingo your way through the universe and win books. 

• June 25: University of the Universe (6 p.m.)

Delve into the origins of astronomy and astrology and expand your knowledge about equinoxes, lunar cycles and eclipses. Presented by Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Planetarium from Seminole State College. 

Information provided by the Osceola Library System. Note: More information about the following events, plus additional events, is available online at Osceola Library.org or by calling 407-742-8888.