Ray Rush now open at Aquatica

The moment all Aquatica fans have been waiting for. Ray Rush is now officially open.

Guests of SeaWorld’s water park have anxiously been watching the ride go through the building process, since construction began more than a year ago.

“We are excited to finally bring this attraction to the park,” said Brian Andrelczyk, Aquatica Orlando’s director of design and engineering, during a media preview of Ray Rush on Friday, May 11. “It’s nothing like Aquatica has.”

The family raft slide is an adventure suitable for the whole family, with a height requirement of only 42 inches and each raft accommodating two to four guests.

The ride stands at nearly 60 feet tall, with three unique elements.

First, you will take off as powerful water jets launch your raft from zero to fast in just seconds, propelling you into the first of several enclosed tube sections. You’ll then take a twisting turn rocking back and forth as you spin inside a giant translucent water sphere. Next, your raft will dive into the giant manta wings — the signature element of Ray Rush — as you swoop up and down this open-air half pipe on a different path each time.

“The combination of these three unique slide elements seamlessly blended into one attraction creates a ride experience that is both thrilling and family-friendly, it’s the perfect addition to our slide portfolio,” said David Heaton, Aquatica Orlando vice president in a press release. “The experience on Ray Rush will be unlike anything offered in Florida. Aquatica will be the first waterpark in the state to combine these three unique elements into one attraction.”

“It was so fun,” said water park fanatic Lexie Whitmire, speechless after being one of Ray Rush’s first riders. “It was so fast, and it was really just so fun.”

“My favorite part about the new ride is how much speed you get, and the fact that the family raft can hold up to four people,” Whitmire continued. “[Ray Rush] is a great addition to the park. It’s the only water slide of its kind in Central Florida.”

Ray Rush is the first new attraction to come to the park since 2014 — great timing, as the Orlando water park is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The new slide is located on the north side of the park, next to Walkabout Waters. Its stair entrance is shared with the Walhalla Wave family raft slide, which was temporarily closed to accommodate the construction of Ray Rush. Both rides are now open to the public, as of Saturday, May 12.

Access to the new ride is included in general water park admission. A selection of tickets are available including one-day tickets and annual passes to splash and play all year long.

For more information on tickets, park hours, Ray Rush, and all of Aquatica’s other rides and slides, visit www.Aquatica.com/Orlando.