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The News-Gazette sat down with Margaritaville Resort Orlando’s newly appointed general manager Scott Robbins to learn a little more about him and what experience he will bring to this new resort.

Margaritaville General Manager Scott Robbins


News-Gazette: To start, are you a Jimmy Buffet fan?

Robbins: I don’t think you can take on a project like this and do it successfully if you are not a Jimmy Buffet Fan. So the answer is a definite yes. I have been to several concerts with my wife and friends. Ten years ago my wife and I met and had dinner with Jimmy at Firefly, Noel Cowards home owned by Chris Blackwell in Jamaica. We also had a Margaritaville-themed cake at our farewell party in Jamaica (photo shown on page 13) on coming to work on this project. My favorite Buffett song is Jamaica Mistaica.

News-Gazette: What do you think makes Margaritaville Resort Orlando stand out from Central Florida’s other resort hotels?

Robbins: First and foremost is that Margaritaville is a destination in itself. It is the actual Margarita Ville as in the Village of Margarita. It is a city with a 14-acre waterpark, its own shopping village with retail stores, restaurants, snack shops, spa, radio station and live entertainment, movie theatre;  boutique hotel, with five restaurants and lounges, full-service spa, kids club, fitness center and pools; plus 900 vacation cottages; all with its own transportation system within the resort.

News-Gazette: What kind of experience are you bringing to Margaritaville Resort Orlando?

Robbins: Margaritaville is a state of mind and being a Jimmy Buffet fan a lot of his songs represent this feeling and that state of mind. It is a mix of Caribbean and Key West— sun, sea and sand, and beautiful weather. I spent the last 20 years working in the Caribbean and the last eight years opening six all-inclusive resorts building their own brand. Ten years ago I worked for Island Entertainment brands that had the franchise for Margaritaville Caribbean. I was involved in the Margaritaville Restaurants and clubs in Jamaica, Turks and Caicos and Grand Cayman. In my years before the Caribbean I worked for Hyatt Hotels in which I opened hotels and worked for one of the largest wedding caterers in New York. Every Sunday for the past eight years I played volleyball on the beach listening to all different genres of Caribbean music and became very comfortable in a Margaritaville state of mind. I am here to continue that.

News-Gazette: As you begin your journey with Margaritaville Resort Orlando, what do you look forward to most?

Robbins: Opening this massive playground for all ages and starting the fun!