Pat Godwin coming to Porky’s

Pat Godwin

Watch out St. Cloud — nationally-recognized comedian Pat Godwin is coming to town this weekend for two special performances at Porky’s Comedy Club.

“This will be one of the biggest shows we will have all year,” said Porky’s Comedy Club Owner and Booker Eric Godfrey. “We are extremely lucky that Pat is coming down to perform for us. He usually does much bigger venues, but I have some dirt on him and he wants me to keep it quiet!”

Throughout his career, Godwin has toured all 50 states in the nation. He previously worked for The Howard Stern Show, producing all of the music for his show; was featured on Last Comic Standing in 2009; and is currently featured on Indianapolis-based radio show The Bob & Tom Show, where he continues to entertain audiences with his quick and witty songwriting.

Godwin will take the stage at Porky’s Comedy Club Friday and Saturday (Aug. 2-3) at 9 p.m. Tickets are $15.

DID YOU KNOW — Guests who purchase show tickets online in advance receive a $7.50 discount off of a Jimmy Bear’s meal or entree at the show.

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Check out our Q&A with Comedian Pat Godwin.

News-Gazette: What is your background in comedy?

Godwin: I came from a theatrical background. My dad taught speech communications and drama, so I grew up around him directing plays and having a great love for the arts.

I didn’t do comedy until I was 31. Todd Glass invited me to do an open night because he thought I was real funny in between my song patterns. I was already very used to speaking on stage — the only job I ever had was doing my own music in bars and in nightclubs. And then that comedian saw me perform, thought I was really funny in between songs, and said I’d be a great comedian.

I resisted at first, but then I thought it’d challenged me, and maybe I’d learn how to talk better in between my own songs. But the joy that I got from the laughter — that instantaneous love that you get from saying something clever and funny, or singing a funny song — it just opened all of these doors for me.

News-Gazette: And did you think at any point when you were doing music that you would be interested in comedy? Or did the idea spark from Todd Glass?

Godwin: I was very interested in comedy and being funny. My whole family is funny. But I’m only funny when I’m comfortable. I had never felt funny, being comfortable on stage — it was always all about the music... But once I got comfortable on stage I ended up being pretty funny.

News-Gazette: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Godwin: Well I just got hired by the best radio show — The Bob & Tom Show. It’s always been my favorite show, and they just hired me Jan. 1. I’m on what’s called “semi-full-time,” so I do three or four full days a week and then fly out and do comedy clubs on the weekends.

I also won the international songwriting competition this year (April) with a song that I debuted on The Bob & Tom Show.

Traveling to comedy clubs, do you have a goal for traveling and/or performing?

Godwin: I’ve worked all over the world in cruise ships, and I’ve worked in all 50 states in comedy clubs… You end up getting good at what you do, you end up visiting a lot of places. I’ve hit every goal I’ve had for traveling.