Guess what, neighbors — there’s a new grocery store in town. 

ALDI, an international grocery chain, opened its doors to Kissimmee customers on June 13 at 5296 W. U.S. Highway 192. 

new aldi 2019 kissimmee

Division Vice President Matt Thon and other executives attended the grand opening celebration and official ribbon cutting, passing out carts to more than 250 customers who waited in line bright and early to be some of the new location’s first customers. 

So what makes this new ALDI location special? Well, a few things:

ALDI stores are usually about 10,000 square feet

in space. This store is serving Kissimmee at 15,000 square feet. 

“We’ve expanded the inside of the store to create a more open and fresh feel,” said Thon. 

The new location also offers more refrigeration space than a typical ALDI store, with a total of more than 100 feet compared to the other stores’ average space of 40 feet.

Thon said this additional space serves the store well, as it not only helps to better display the products (including cheese, cut meats and other items) but it also keeps berries and other fruits more fresh. 

Another new feature is the spotlight lighting. The lighting in this store showcases the product, rather than the aisles — beaming light on to the items for sale. 

“I believe we have a great, fresh, modern product line,” said Thon. “In our stores that aren’t remodeled, you don’t often see (spotlight lighting).”

Thon also said some of the other locations will be getting remodels — with square-footage expansions, more refrigeration, lighting upgrades, an updated exterior, new interior signage/graphics and more — including the ALDI location right down the road on 192. 

“We expect it to be remodeled in the next eight weeks,” he said. 

The new ALDI location welcomed residents to explore its aisles on opening day with giftcard giveaways for the first 100 customers in line — with balances ranging from $5 to $100. The store also hosted weekend giveaways to kick off the grand opening.

The store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information about ALDI’s newest Kissimmee location, visit