You can truly make art from anything. Even from little rolled up pieces of paper.

Its technical term is called “quilling” — rolling tight strips of paper, and gluing them to a background to make beautiful, hand-crafted art pieces. 

Instructor Andrea Tisovec teaches a weekly class at the Little Thimble craft studio and store in Celebration. When you walk into the studio and see her artwork, you won’t believe she’s only been quilling for two years. And she’s only been teaching the local class since January.

With the help of a translator, Tisovec told the News-Gazette she came across quilling by accident when she was still living in Brazil. 

An avid crafter, Tisovec was looking online for images for another project and saw a photo of the quilling technique, immediately falling in love with it. She looked to see if she had the materials at home. 

“I couldn’t wait,” Tisovec said in English, with a smile. 

It wasn’t long before Tisovec started making custom ordered pieces for friends, family and customers. With no teaching experience, she also accepted a position as an instructor for a studio in Brazil.

Tisovec connected with Little Thimble owner Alessandra Claramonte through a mutual friend on Facebook, after her husband accepted a job in the United States. Claramonte saw Tisovec’s work, and invited her to be part of the Little Thimble family.

“It was love at first sight with Andrea’s work. She is a real artist and her work is amazing,” Claramonte said. “I knew from the start that her class was going to be a success and I hope many more people discover this relaxing hobby and join us.”

In few words of English, Tisovec added, “I love this place.”

But quilling isn’t the only craft to get your creativity flowing at Little Thimble. The craft studio and store offers a bright, happy place for anyone to participate in many different mediums. 

“The idea of the shop is like having a little bit of everything,” Claramonte said. 

Little Thimble offers classes and workshops for both adults and children, ranging from yarn work (like knitting and crocheting) to thread work (like sewing and embroidering). It also hosts an area named The Little Cottage, where customers can come for private classes and meetings, or to borrow books from its small library. 

The craft studio and store is even expanding its schedule to host scrapbook classes, beginning on Friday.

“We are always growing,” Claramonte said.  “And I hope we keep growing.”

Claramonte moved to Celebration from Brazil four years ago. She said she and her family vacationed at Disney, and after seeing the town they wanted to call it home.

“We wanted to come to study English, just for six months,” she said. “Then six months turned into a year, and here we are four years later.” 

Just before moving to the United States, Claramonte had become a stay-at-home mom. She was previously a food engineer, but took time away from work to be with her children. In her free time, she taught sewing lessons to her friends.

“It was always just a hobby,” she said. “I was always a crafty girl — cross stitch was my first passion when I was small. It was something that I loved.”

But now, Claramonte has a whole business that she loves. She said part of opening a crafting business in Celebration was simply to bring joy to the community, as crafting brought her much joy during difficult times in her life when she suffered from anxiety and depression.

“(Little Thimble) is not a place that people will become a professional. It’s something to really make you feel better,” Claramonte said. “I’m really happy, and I think people feel that way when they come here.”

For more information about Little Thimble, its classes, workshops, summer camps and more, visit or call 321-939-4091. Little Thimble Craft Studio and Store is located in Celebration, at 660 Celebration Ave., Suite 130.