By Peter Covino

A&E Editor

The sound of Jimmy Buffet singing Wasting Away in Margaritaville is bouncing off the decks of the Disney Dream.

It  is an appropriate song, even if an obvious one as the Dream remains docked for a few more hours in Nassau before departing for the its final destination of this three-day cruise, Disney’s own Castaway Cay, and finally home to Port Canaveral. I am relaxing outside on the verandah of my stateroom, nursing a beer.

It has been many years since I was in Nassau for the first and only time, I flew into Nassau on the trip and came away not particularly impressed. Time hasn’t changed that particularly.

There are surprisingly few interesting places to have lunch in the immediate vicinity of the port at Nassau. With three ships in port this morning, that must mean at least 10,000 tourists must descend on the Bahama’s largest city. But we are well fed I guess, particularly on the Disney Cruise line, so maybe restaurants are not a high priority for the tourist town.

I didnt spend all that much time in the city,  so it might not be a fair judgment, but    it was overloaded with t-shirt shops and the heralded straw  market, for the most part, looked more like one of those so-called Flea Markets in Kissimmee, where everybody is selling the same items, row after row after row.

i just don’t have much use for a painted conch shell or a beach towel with Bob Marley’s face on it.

Elsewhere in the city, the ritzier part of the shopping district was thriving with people looking to get discounts on diamonds, liquor, rum cake and yes, Havana cigars.

No cigars or Havana rum for me. The vendor assured me I  could get both through customs, but I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to make a sale. Instead I went into a food store and opted to purchase to boxes of Island-made tea at a cost of about $5 and change

Earlier in the day, much earlier, the media group got a behind the scenes look at why the Disney Cruise is so popular with families. You can drop your kids off at one of the activity zones (designed for toddlers all the way up to age 17) and rest assure the kids are going to have a great time and so will you since adults are free to be adults and kids can be kids for all day and most of the night. The teens in the Vibe Zone of the ship actually get to make their own zombie movie as an activity and the move will be screened for all to see Sunday night at the theater. Ah, to be 17 again.

It will be busy night here on the Dream. Tonight is dinner at Palo, the upscale Italian restaurant on the ship. The ship gets its for the Italian word for the pole the gondoliers use in Venice, and the pole is a universal theme at the restaurant.

After dinner, we are bound for a whiskey tasting, hopefully, followed by fireworks and a pirates show on the uppermost deck of the ship.

Down below, right now, there must be large queue to get back on board the Disney Dream and through the screening area. The ship will sailing soon again and if you are not on board by 5:15, less than a half hour from now…well you can always take a picture of the ship….and Dream you are on it.