Just a Dream? No, a reality. Follow me on a Disney Dream cruise



By Peter Covino

A&E Editor

Got my cruisin’ song play list on my android,  ready for the drive to Port Canaveral.

From “Banana Boat Song” (Mr. Harry Belafonte, please) to the excruciating “Love Boat” theme and some “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin, I am pretty much geared up and psyched for a Disney cruise.

Not that it takes much to get psyched for a Disney cruise.

This will be my third media trip on the Disney Cruise Line. I like to think I helped launch the first Disney ship, the Disney Magic, several years ago, and was part of the big, splashy fun when the Disney Dream, the newest Disney ship was launched about five years ago.

Hard to believe, but The Disney Dream was in already in dry dock this fall. It was time for some enhancements. The big ship was already back at sea in less than a month with new stuff for kids, like a Star Wars themed area, a new candy store and more.

The three-day cruise includes a day stop in Nassau, a city I haven’t been to since those crazy flying days of my youth when you could fly the now defunct Eastern Airlines for some incredibly cheap price to anywhere and everywhere the airline flew in a dizzying two-week flying spree. We flew to Nassau, St. Thomas, San Juan, New Orleans, Mexico City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more in a very round about fashion, since you couldn’t fly direct from city to city. We spent more time in the air and at airports than we did in any destination city.

Anyhow, back to the cruise. It should be a lot of fun, just like the last two cruises, which seemed too short in retrospect. I will be posting online and tweeting (@icmovies) periodically on what’s new and what’s fun on the Disney Dream.

If you have never been on a Disney cruise or any cruise for that matter, hopefully the next four days will be a crash course (I guess it is okay to say crash course on a cruise ship, unless your captain is Francesco Schettino, of Costa Concordia fame) on the joys of cruising.

And If you have been on the Magic, Dream, Wonder or Fantasy, you just might be ready to book again.