Ever wonder what’s up with that upside down building on International Drive? That’s WonderWorks — a 35,000-square-foot, indoor amusement park. The entertainment center features more than 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination. It’s the perfect place to chill out and have some fun this spring break and summer vacation. 

So why is WonderWorks upside down? According to its secret sources, “this once top-secret laboratory was located in the Bermuda Triangle. An experiment gone awry lifted the laboratory, carting it to International Drive, where it landed upside down.” But, luckily, all of the exhibits remained intact. 

We got to explore the wonder of WonderWorks earlier this month, as the facility recently hosted the Osceola News-Gazette for a fun-filled day. 

Check it out: 



There are several “Wonder Zones” in WonderWorks — Natural Disasters, Light and Sound Zone, Space Discovery and the Imagination Lab, to name a few. 

The Natural Disasters Wonder Zone takes guests right into the middle of real natural disasters, with multiple ways to experience them

First, step into the Hurricane Shack. If you’re not a Florida native and haven’t yet experienced the winds of a hurricane, take this as preparation. The winds rev up to 74 miles per hours, equating to a Category 1 storm. 

Guests of all ages can also become a human lightning rod as they test the Tesla Coil, emitting 100,000 volts of electricity right to your fingertips. 

For guests 36 inches or taller: the Earthquake Cafe. The cafe setting is a simulator of an earthquake that struck in California in 1989, allowing guests to feel the power behind an earthquake measured at 5.3 on the Richter scale. 

Another Wonder Zone, Space Discovery lets you step into a life-size replica of an EVA suit and explore outer space. (And get an awesome photo opportunity, too!) 

The Space Discover exhibit also features a replica of an actual single-person space capsule, the Mercury Capsule and lets guests lay down inside to see what it feels like; an opportunity to let guests try to land their own space shuttles like the team at Kennedy Space Center; as well as an Astronaut Training Challenge, big enough for two people to climb aboard as the gyroscope spins and rotates in multiple, random directions to simulate the effects outer space has on humans. 



The fun doesn’t stop there. WonderWorks also offers an indoor ropes challenge and laser tag arena.

The Indoor Ropes Challenge is a three-story (36 feet, to be exact), glow-in-the-dark course, that takes climbers through 20 obstacles, like suspension bridges and swinging beams. 

The popular Laser Tag Arena is home to a laser tag area, air hockey, video games, basketball hoops and more. Tickets can be earned and redeemed for prizes at WonderWorks’ prize counter. 

Note: Safety precautions apply for both activities, including height and weight restrictions. 



Want to stay for dinner? You can! And you’ll get a good laugh, too. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show happens nightly at 6 p.m. (8 p.m. on select nights). 

Tony Brent — a magician and comedian — is the audience-interactive show’s main entertainer, performing five nights per week. The show schedule through April 30, 2019, can be found on the website. 

We did not get to experience this during our visit to WonderWorks, but we hear it’s a lot of fun. The dinner includes unlimited fresh, hand-tossed pizza (cheese and pepperoni), salad, soda, beer and wine (for the adults, of course) and dessert.



WonderWorks may be overwhelming for children with special needs. Like other attractions in Orlando, it offers Sensory Days — days specifically designed for children with special needs. The music is lowered, loud exhibits are not in operation and some of the exhibits are altered to provide limited stimulation.

More information about WonderWorks’ Sensory Days can be found on the website. 



Admission for WonderWorks may be purchased online in advance, or at the front entrance. 

General admission is $33.99 for adults (ages 13 and up) and $24.99 for children (ages 4 to 12). The GA ticket includes access to all WonderWorks exhibits, the 4D XD Motion Theater, laser tag and ropes course. 

Admission for the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show may be purchased separately. Admission is $31.99 for adults and $21.99 for children (ages 4 to 12). 

VIP Combo Tickets may also be purchased, which offers GA access and the dinner show for a discounted price. 

For more information, visit https://www.wonderworksonline.com/orlando/.