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Some new neighbors are moving into SeaWorld Orlando. 

The park’s all-new Sesame Street area will welcome guests to experience the iconic neighborhood in real life, with scenes from Abby Cadabby’s garden, Mr. Hooper’s Store, Big Bird’s nest, the famous 123 stoop and more. 

“We’re super excited that this is going to be the first time ever that our guests can walk down Sesame Street,” said Amanda Trauger, creative manager of design and engineering for SeaWorld Parks. 

With the new area of the park will be six attractions. 

The Cookie Drop will take guests up and down on the vertical drop ride, with none other than the Cookie Monster himself. On Elmo’s Choo Choo Train — a reconstructed ride from the previous area — Elmo will share some of this favorite things in nature. A family-friendly coaster will star as an action-packed race in Super Grover’s Box Car Derby. 

Other attractions include Abby’s Flower Tower, Slimey’s Slider and Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl. 

Aside from attractions, guests of all ages can experience the fun of meeting their favorite Sesame Street characters. 

Big Bird will welcome guests to his nest for storytimes, while Elmo and his friends will welcome guests for meet-and-greet opportunities.

“The idea is that when you walk through [the] doors, you’re going to walk into a beautiful theater, and we’re sneaking you backstage to meet some of our favorite characters,” said Trauger. “And as you move through the line, there will be a lot of fun moments for the kids… and you get to go into [the characters’] dressing room. The green screen background is going to transition and transform into the dressing room of Abby, Elmo and Cookie.”

But the very best part about the new Sesame Street land? It is bringing SeaWorld Orlando’s first-ever parade to the park.

The Sesame Street Party Parade will feature all of Sesame Street’s best characters. With larger-than-life floats, each one will represent a different iconic part of the show — including Mr. Hooper’s Store. The daily parade route goes straight down Sesame Street, right in the middle of all of the action. 

SeaWorld Orlando has yet to announce an official opening date for its new area — which is located at the old “Happy Harbor” spot — but guests can expect to step foot on Sesame Street itself sometime this spring. 

In the meantime, visit AroundOsceola.com to see a video from our construction tour. 

You can also read more about SeaWorld’s Sesame Street at https://SeaWorld.com/Orlando/rides/Sesame-Street/