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The Shocking Misconceptions of Carpet

When most people think of carpet, they think of apartments or cheap, hard to maintain carpet. Well that’s kind of true, unfortunately apartments put inexpensive carpet into their units, because renters generally do not treat their carpet/apartments with pride. So cleaning is usually not top priority.
Treat it well and it will last….
There is so much more to carpet, its a product that is truly incredible. It’s a soft fiber, not much unlike a towel or blanket, but think what would happen if you put a towel on your floors and you walked all over it every day. You walk into your house, don’t take your shoes off and walk all across it. Every so often you run your vacuum over it it and you expect it to stay clean and not show wear and tear for years. Well after a week or two your towel would be garbage, but you do this every day and your carpet is still looking good after all that abuse and more. Now just imagine you actually buy a medium or high quality carpet. Add a nice cushion and take your shoes off in the entry, your carpet could last for a lifetime. Have it professionally steam cleaned at least once a year and the longevity of your carpet just got a boost.
Why Carpet?
Carpet can be stylish, fashionable and eye catching. Nowadays you can find many stylish designs, colors, patterns, textures made from Wool, Nylons, Polyesters, Olefins, and Sisals.  If you truly want to find a carpet that is right for you, consult someone in the flooring business. There are so many advantages of Carpet, it feels soft, and is easier on your joints than any other flooring product, and when was the last time you tried curling up in front of your fireplace on your tile or hard wood flooring. At minimum you would like to have a soft carpet for comfort, add a great carpet cushion and now you can snuggle. Carpet also has great insulating and sound dampening qualities. Just imagine a movie theater with hard surface floors, the acoustics would be unbearable. Media carpet is available for residential and commercial use in so many movie theater themed prints. So, if you are looking for the thickest Shag or a Classic Elegant Print in updated colors come visit us at Modern Floorz & Shutters. Our products range from entry level to truly exceptional. We offer professional installation, custom made Rugs & Runners. Call us today for your free estimate 407 870 2727,
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