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The science center is for “adults only.” Kids are off-limits Saturday at the center for this special event

Posted on Friday, February 21, 2014 at 9:47 am





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By  Peter Covino
A&E Editor
If you have ever been to the Orlando Science Center, you know it is a world basically run by kids.
Sure, adullts enjoy many of the interactive exhbits, but sometimes you have to fight a 12-year-old just to get your chance at some of the fun.
Well tonight, it’s the adults turn as the Orlando Science Center presents Saturday Night Live, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
It’s the adults turn to celebrate Thomas Edison’s birthday (with a special guest appearance by the man himself) as guess interact and witness the “High Voltage” show.
Other evening experiences include the premiere of “Flight of the Butterflies in the Dr. Phillips CineDome; view stars and planets through the giant refractor telescope in the Crosby Observatory; conduct lab experiments in Dr. Dare’s Laboratory; and dine on  food and adult beverages for purchase. There will even be a chance to play some  science trivia to win prizes.
The  big event of the night will be meeting with the Thomas Edison impersonator, where guests can meet the man responsible for the phonograph, motion picture camera and electric light bulb and more.
Guests can also meet that other high-charged electric man, Nikola Tesla as the two men engage in a discussion around the discovery of electricity.
The pair will also  introduce a pair of “High Voltage” shows. In this live demonstration, experience how electricity works in a fun and visually stunning display of the musical Tesla coil and the giant Van De Graaff generator.
There will also be a premiere showing of the new film in the CineDome, “Flight of the Butterflies.”
According to the science center release, the iconic monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent, with pinpoint navigational accuracy, to a secluded place it has never been. Follow the monarchs’ perilous and extraordinary journey in this awe-inspiring film shown on an impressive eight-story domed screen.
Visitors can also examine the night sky in the Crosby Observatory through the use of the 10-inch refractor telescope —the largest of its kind in the state available to the public. View moons, planets and deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulas and more. In addition, enjoy an unobstructed view of the downtown Orlando skyline from the sixth-floor terrace. This activity is weather-permitting.
And if you are really scientifically-minded, the evening includes some hands-on experiments in Dr. Dare’s Lab where guests can learn the methods about molecular gastronomy, forensics and DNA.
If you are in a competitive mood. you can test your science knowledge in the categories of everyday elements, famous scientists and sports to win prizes.
The rest of the Science Center is available for exploration for the evening.
Other current exhibits include:. “NatureWorks”; “Science Park”; “Engineer It!”; “Our Planet, Our Universe”; and “DinoDigs.”
And don’t forget to check out the newest traveling exhibit, “Zoom Into Nano,” to find out how scientists view and make things that are too small to see. Look inside a butterfly wing, build a carbon nanotube or stretch a molecule. Learn how scientists are using nanotechnology to develop new tools and materials that may affect our lives.
You won’t  have to skip dinner or dine before you get to the science center either.
There will be lots to choose from, including adult beverages, Enjoy scrumptious foods and adult courtesy of John Michael Weddings & Special Events. Menu items include brisket and potatoes, shrimp ‘n’ grits, pasta and salad, and warm apple crisp. To top things off, choose from delicious cake pops, cupcakes or dip into the chocolate fountain presented by Hello Sugar! Desserts. Cash or credit cards are accepted.  ATMs are also on-site.
Experience Science Night Live at the special evening rate of $15. Admission includes access to all four floors of exhibits, live programming and presentations, “Flight of the Butterflies,” and night-time viewing in the Crosby Observatory. Parking is free in the Science Center parking garage. Members can enjoy Science Night Live at no charge.
The event is for 21 and older only. Dress code is casual attire.
For more information, call 407.514.2000 or visit