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The importance of local decision-making

As a community bank, CenterState takes great pride in being locally market driven.
We feel so strongly about it that we even list this as part of the company’s core values. Even though we’ve substantially expanded our footprint across the state over the past few years, maintaining a decentralized management approach has remained a priority. Having a structure like this allows us to use the local knowledge our team has about each one of our communities to provide timely and well thought out decisions for our clients.

You may ask the question “How does this decentralized approach benefit me and/or my business?”  The answer is that when you apply for a loan or open an account at CenterState, you’re dealing with a Central Floridian who knows the community and local economy we operate in. This type of approach has become almost obsolete in our industry, as large out of state banks continue to streamline their operations with more automation, leaner staffing models, and centralized decision making that more often than not is made by someone who isn’t familiar with how things work in Osceola County or even the state of Florida.

Keeping things local allows us to make decisions and provide solutions faster than many of our competitors. Our bankers love it because it allows us to know we are making a difference in the community we live in. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to give community banking a try. I’m confident that you’ll see and feel the difference.