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It doesn't include short-timer Urban Meyer

Random thoughts from the comfy, tan recliner, which is now slid halfway across the living room, where the TV sometimes can’t find the remote, and up against the Christmas tree …

So did the College Football Playoff Committee get it right?

It was a given that Alabama and Clemson would get in — we don’t even need the playoff for that and it’d be just ducky if I slept right through all the preliminaries and get to see them duke it out for another title.

Notre Dame largely plays whoever they want, and part of that included beating Michigan in their opener and then curb-stomping Stanford, Virginia Tech and Syracuse when they were all ranked.

Those three were givens. So should have the fourth been …

Georgia? No. (But I still love ya’, Marc Deas!) I know the computer geeks said the Bulldogs’ stats and metrics were really, really good. But, c’mon man, how can you take a team that just lost? And, two losses. They pass the eye test and not the smell test, which has nothing to do with Uga X.

Jesse Palmer can say, “If they played, Georgia would beat Oklahoma” all he wants. Just one problem: that’s not how any of this works!

Ohio State? No. They should have lost to Maryland. And Nebraska. And probably Penn State. They did lose, by four touchdowns, to a 6-6 Purdue team, which is a much worse loss than Oklahoma’s last-second loss to ranked Texas.

UCF? Sadly, no. The Knights were actually better in 2017, probably because they weren’t on anybody’s radar. But they do deserve better than LSU in a bowl game two time zones away.

Oklahoma? Yes, but for a selfish reason. I want to see the Sooners offense go against the Alabama defense. Can they score on every possession? Really, it’s a serious question, because the Tide likely will …

… No, the Florida Gators were not ducking UCF in their bowl. The Gators were ducking any Group of 5 team, just like any power conference team would (and does).

No name-brand team wants anything to do with that game. It’s often not even their biggest game of the year, they’re let down that they aren’t finishing with a more-meaningful game — and opponent — and the opponent treats it like their national championship.

And the Group of 5 team has won that game three of the last four years. Just sayin’.

Gator players and coaches said they were looking forward to playing UCF. But from AD Scott Stricklin and on up, it wasn’t happening — proof that in college football the people down on the field want things, and the people up in the suites get things …

… Speaking of UCF, that’s a fan base that has come together. Sadly it took the grave injury to quarterback Mckenzie Milton to bring it to one voice, which you could clearly hear through the TV during last week’s AAC championship game, even when the Knights trailed by three scores at halftime. Have to say it was a factor in UCF rallying to win its 25th consecutive game, and it’s not lost on the fans. They truly want ‘Bama … or any of the other three in the playoff.

It’s only going to keep growing, especially if the Knights beat LSU on Jan. 1. If you think Knight Nation is obnoxious now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet …

… And if you think we’ve seen the last of Urban Meyer coaching, rethink it. He’s only 54, although his major organs likely feel ancient. The way he talks and acts away from the sideline makes one thing clear: he has to coach to breathe. He’s addicted to competition and allergic to losing, which never combines for a good medical condition.

If he’s going to coach again — hey Brian Kelly, you may want to look over your shoulder if Notre Dame wins only eight or nine games next year, since Meyer’s said in the past that coaching the Fighting Irish would be a “bucket list” thing — it won’t be in the NFL.

The four teams playing for the CFP title combined for one loss. His team lost once and they aren’t among them. Philadelphia won the Super Bowl last year and lost three times. Other champs have won it with six losses. That’s too much losing for a guy like Meyer to handle.

It won’t matter after the Rose Bowl, when the Urbanator can focus on other things. Here’s a set of ideas, the Mighty News-Gazette Divine Nine Urban Meyer Retirement Ideas:

1. Buy a new recliner for the house, sit in it a lot, watch John Wayne movies. 2. Stay in the recliner, buy NFL Sunday Ticket, spend Sundays seeing what gimmick offenses don’t look like. 3. Play a lot of golf. 4. Take up a home hobby like woodworking or restoring classic cars. 5. Become an advocate of family values and domestic harmony. 6. Help me take down the Christmas decorations, sometime around Valentine’s Day. 7. Plot ways to get back at Ohio State for that suspension. 8. Plan next coaching stop. 9. Research real estate in northern Indiana.

Now on to the Picks of the Weak, which today contains only one very important college game:

Navy vs. Army (-7): I love that it’s the only FBS game on today. And it means a lot this year after the recent passing of former Commander-In-Chief George H.W. Bush. A game that’s about the recruits of the U.S.A. who play football, not football players masquerading as college students. And it’s not hard to take sides — my dad and granddad were in the Army, so … Go Army! Beat Navy by 10!

The paid professionals:

New Orleans (-8) at Tampa Bay: Bucs won in the dome in Week 1, and it’s been all traditional Yucks since. Drew Brees can get revenge, and a division title, today. Saints by 14.

New England (-7.5) at Miami: Exact words I used to describe this game last year: “Oh dear Lord.” And then the Dolphins won it. Pats never play real well in South Florida. ‘Phins by 3 in Good December Weather Upset Special.

Baltimore at Kansas City (-6): Lamar Jackson against Pat Mahomes. Forget the stadium, just send them and about 12 other kids to run around in a dirt lot. “Go down to the Toyota and cut.” Chiefs by a bunch of scrambles.

Indianapolis at Houston (-4.5): Andrew Luck against DeShawn Watson. An air-it-out game. Texans by 7.

L.A. Rams (-3) at Chicago: I knew the Rams would be good this year. The Bears are a shock. And it’s getting to be that time of year in the Windy City. Bears by 1 in Winter Weather Upset Special.

Philadelphia at Dallas (-3.5): Just got a Yahoo alert on my phone: start Dak Prescott over Kirk Cousins on your fantasy team. If my phone was so smart it’d know I quit playing those games years ago. But I’ll go with: phone dumb, Yahoo smart. Cowboys by 4.

Petey “The Gators Are Going To Win” Covino says: Urban Meyer can come to my house in Tennessee and wash my windows.

Brian “Big Man” McBride’s Super Sniffer of the Week: Falcons 3 over Green Bay.