The Saturday Sitdown

NEWS ITEM:   Florida State targets Bob Stoops as its next head football coach.  SNARKY COMMENT:  What in the mind of FSU administrators and fans makes them think that Stoops would leave the stability, long-term security and universally loved XFL for a lower profile job like FSU?...

Interesting tidbit from this week’s Cy Young announcements that it was the first time in the award’s long history that teammates (Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole) finished 1-2 in the voting, so it is also follows it was the first time in history teammates swept the top three places as Astro pitcher Charlie Morton was third in the voting….

One other Cy Young note…Jason deGrom became just the third pitcher in MLB history to win both a Rookie of the Year Award and multiple Cy Young Awards…the others?  Justin Verlander and the great Tom Seaver…

One question about Load Management for NBA Players and coaches…if it’s not that important and you don’t care about a regular season game, why should the fans?

At last Tuesday’s Florida Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, former Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke said he was honored to be included in a class that included Annika Sorrenstam.

“Annika, I have to tell you that in golf, we do have something in common,” Weinke said at the podium.  “We have both shot 59s …unfortunately for me I had to get a hot dog and beer at the turn and then play the back nine.”…

In the “Well government is here to help us” category:  You know those portable road signs the Florida Department of Transportation occasionally puts up reminding drivers to slow down or to warn of road work ahead?  Well, I saw one the other day pleading for drivers “To Give Cyclists Space” and of course the huge sign was placed squarely in the middle of the bike lane.

Traditionally schools and athletes that sue the NCAA over eligibility issues seldom do well in court. Upper courts have almost always sided with the notion that membership is voluntary in the NCAA and the organization has a right to make its own rules.  Furthermore, schools that allow ineligible athletes to play after they receive a temporary restraining order, tend to be dealt with more harshly than schools that sit the player and work with the NCAA to restore a player’s eligibility (i.e. Ohio State’s Chase Young is a prime example).  So the fact that Memphis has allowed James Wiseman to play in early warmup games against inferior competition is fascinating to me. Did Memphis truly believe Wiseman was going to win his case against the NCAA, or are they simply trying to get as much mileage out of him knowing he was a one and done and would be eventually declared permanently ineligible? Turns out neither one, as the school announced on Thursday it was sitting Wiseman until his eligibility could be restored.

Pro Football Focus ( is a fascinating web site that does an incredible job with analytics.  Each week they come out with their team power rankings and surprisingly they say New England, despite being dominated by Baltimore two weeks ago, is still the No. 1 team in the NFL, followed by New Orleans, Baltimore, and San Francisco.  Dallas is 13th, with our Florida teams not doing so well (Jacksonville 24, Tampa Bay 25, and Miami 30).

Baltimore Ravens running back Mark Ingram, an Alabama alum, bolding predicted Crimson Tide would not only defeat but squash LSU last week, calling the Tigers “our red-headed step children.”  After LSU won, Ingram instantly took to twitter to essentially blame President Donald Trump for the loss, claiming as soon as “they showed him at the game we had that bad swacky.”  Going to go out on a limb here and will say that the 559 total yards a your defense gave up had a lot more to do with the loss than the bad “swacky” from the President….

Y’all have a Good Week.