News Item:  FIFA bans former Nigerian coach Samson Siasia for life for “accepting bribes.” Snarky comment:  Why? Did he forget to forward the FIFA front office its share of those bribes????....Former Major League player and manager, Hal Lanier, told me this story the other day about former teammate Al Gallagher. In 1970, Gallagher broke in with the Giants and eventually won the starting third baseman’s job. According to Lanier, Gallagher – who was always considered a little flaky – was also a little superstitious and would insist on not washing his uniform if he had an active hitting streak going. During the middle of the 1971 season—which coincided with the hottest month of the year – Gallagher went on a 14-game hitting streak and refused to have his uniform washed. The smell got so bad in the locker room that players were complaining to the manager and refusing to dress or stand anywhere near Gallagher. “Someone finally kidnapped his uniform and washed it and he went hitless the next day and wouldn’t talk to us for a week,” Lanier noted. “Apparently he did the same thing in college and had already earned the nickname Dirty Al Gallagher, but I can absolutely confirm that the moniker was certainly well earned. Despite being a decent hitter, Gallagher had defensive issues and lasted just one more season in the majors, but went on to a long and successful career as a minor league manager…I went to go for a five mile run yesterday, but I forgot something and had to go home.  I forgot that I was fat and couldn’t run five miles…Not sure if it is a story of persistence and never giving up on your dreams, or whether it is a story of a Major League team being a little bit slow in promoting a player from the minors, but Mike Yastrzemski – the grandson of Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame legend Carl Yastrzemski – attended college at Vanderbilt, and then toiled in the minor leagues for seven long years before finally being called up to the majors. He responded by hitting .273 with 16 home runs in his first 70 games in the majors. Side Note:  I did not have to look up how to spell Yastrzemski, because when I was the Baseball Sports Information Director at FSU, Mike’s dad, Mike Yastrzemski  Sr., played for the Seminoles and I had to write his name pretty much four or five times a day during the season, and for some reason I can still do it my sleep... I’m all for keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools, let’s start with social media and keyboards…Apparently there’s something in the water that makes both our local professional soccer teams believe there is a league-wide officiating conspiracy against them. During the entire 2017 and 2018 seasons, it seems the Lions players and coaches spent every waking minute complaining about how the referees “hosed” in practically every match.  That did not play well with me, nor does Orlando Pride head coach Marc Skinner’s incessant whining every game this year about how bad the officials are in the National Women’s Soccer League. Hey coach, you have three of the best players on the planet on your team in Alex Morgan, Ali Krieger and Marta – just saying maybe you and your team should look in the mirror when trying to find someone to blame for your “stellar” last place 3-11-2 record…in honor of the PGA Tour’s decision to start top seed Justin Thomas at -10 in this week’s Tour Championship, the NBA has decided that 2018-19 Champion Toronto will start every game of this season with a 12-0 lead… Y’all have a great week!