Mark Blythe and Les Bendert show off their catch.

By Cindy Joint


My Space Coast informant, Brian Pounds of Southern Fishing Charters, recently had the pleasure of taking newspaper journalist Mark Blythe and Les Bendert from Florida Fishing Radio out a fishing trip. They spent the day in the southern part of the Mosquito Lagoon.

There were lots of Red Fish caught, 14 to be exact, and a few trout.

The early morning bite is great around mullet pods. Later in the morning, around 10 a.m., the schools of reds are up tailing. The best baits are the MirrOlure Lil’ Johns in a root beer flake.

Today is a license-free saltwater fishing day throughout the state. Take advantage of this and take someone fishing over on the coast. It is a three-day weekend and the official end of the summer.

Keep your eye on the weather. Hopefully the tropical system won’t affect any boating plans for you.

The Wednesday Night Tournament on Lake Toho has new winners!!!!

Well not new guys to the weekly challenge, but new winners! Congrats to Mr. Skip Stowers and Mark Holasek for their victory on Aug. 24. The duo’s three-fish total came in at just about 9 pounds. Way to Go Skip and Mark! The big fish of the night went to Kissimmee’s local pro fisherman, Terry Seagraves, with his 5.99 pounder.

Not sure if the guys will give me something to write about for next week because of the tropical system that passed through. We shall see. These guys don’t let a little wind and rain keep them off the lake.

Thursday Morning Toho Team Tournament winners Aug. 25 were Nancy Miller and Kenny Ivey again! They had a total of 10.90 pounds with the five-fish total. They also had the big fish

with a 5.15-pounder during the Thursday Night East Lake Toho Tournament.

Nice job guys, and I enjoy seeing a female taking part in claiming the prize money! Keep up the good work Nancy.

West Lake Toho Report: The lake is at 53.39 feet and the gate through the locks is open and water is at 7 feet in the locks. The water temperature is currently in the high 80s to low 90s.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, try fishing saltwater this weekend since no license is required. And practice safe boating and, of course, your boat ramp etiquette. Tight lines friends.