Teen Sportsfishing Association needs volunteers.

Steve and Shelton win another Toho Wednesday Shoot-out

Steve and Shelton win another Toho Wednesday Shoot-out

Most anglers usually haul loads of gear on their way to tournaments or their favorite fishing spots, often towing a heavy boat.

It is important that the tow vehicle’s brakes be checked regularly. How long your brakes hold up depends on your driving habits and the loads you haul. A driver may burn out their brakes in just 50,000 miles, maybe sooner depending upon driving habits.

Check your brakes by removing each tire and visually inspecting the brake pads and rotors. If the rotors are worn down, it would be a good idea to replace them and the brake pads at the same time to ensure longer life and better safety. Preventative measures with your tow vehicle ensures that you get to your fishing destinations and back without incident.

The Teen Sportfishing Association’s season is coming up quick and the local Osceola club is in need of volunteers to help head up Osceola TSA. Duties would include meetings two times a month, every other Tuesday, setting up tournament dates, running tournaments, pairing teens for tournaments and helping to find boat captains for tournament days. They also will assist with lining up guest speakers from the fishing industry and other fun and rewarding tasks! If interested, please contact me at cindyjoint@aol.com .

Toho Marine Wednesday Night Shoot-out results from August 2: Shelton Smith and Steven Pennington for another win … they are killing it lately! Their 20.41 pounds was anchored by the Denali Rods Big Fish of the Tournament, a 5.63-pound catch. In second place was the team of Gary and Huey with 17.65 pounds followed by Skip and Mark in third place with 14.23 pounds. Twelve boats participated with a quarter of the anglers not weighing in any bass.

Remember these are open tournaments held every Wednesday night out of the Kissimmee boat ramp by Big Toho Marina. Launch is at 5 p.m. sharp and weigh-in at 8:45 p.m. Entry fees are $30 per boat and payouts depend on turnout.

Have a great weekend. Tight lines friends.