Lake Toho Marina effected by Hurricane Irma.

The City of Kissimmee closed the boat ramps to assess damage.

The City of Kissimmee closed the boat ramps to assess damage.

Well Hurricane Irma sure did leave her mark on our precious Kissimmee Lakefront and Marina last weekend hitting us with almost Category 2 winds. The forecast did look promising for us here  in Kissimmee after Irma made landfall in the Keys and then near Naples. We expected her to skirt up the West Coast and spare us, but as some have said, Irma wanted to go to Disney and took that straight North track putting West Lake Toho right in the path of her Eye.

The storm broke up sidewalks near the iconic lighthouse down at the Lakefront, the sidewalk to the wooden dock where I see fisherman all the time standing there with a shiner on a line just enjoying themselves. Mounds of weeds washed up and all but one floating dock appeared messed up and buckled from the winds the Marina sustained for almost 24 hours. On Wednesday the muck on the bottom of the lake started to show itself right there in the boat basin.

The City has barricaded all the ramps and blocked off the sidewalks that were damaged , for everyones safety I’m sure. It was depressing to see no anglers at all both visits I made to the Marina this week. A parking lot usually with at least one boat trailer parked in it probably belonging to a Bass Fishing Guide such as Jay Turner, Chuck Pippin or Tony Summers, was just deserted. The Toho Marine Wednesday Night Shoot-out the other night cancelled for the first time due to a situation like this. Mark Detweiler, owner of Big Toho didn’t open up the day after Irma. Certainly with the ramps closed and no guide trips going out of Toho for now, he will feel the effects at his bait shop. However, he is open now and still serving a hot breakfast and yummy lunches. Stop in and say hello.

Hopefully cleanup efforts will be done soon and all will return to normal. I am sure some of you are curious about that Shingle Creek flowing like it is. I do hope all of you were spared the worst at your homes and for your boats.

Toho Marine Wednesday Night Shoot out for September 6: Back in the news for the win is the dynamic duo of Mark Lundgren and Charlie Harrelson. Taking home the money out of the seven teams that participated, with a five fish limit and 18.09 pounds just .04 pounds more than Mr. Terry Seagraves and his partner Paul. Terry and Paul did have the Denali Rods big bass of the night a 6.37 pounder as well.

As of press time, the Great Outdoors Day on East Lake Toho in St. Cloud is still happening. The Angling for Education gets underway at safelight with a 1 P.M. weigh-in. All other events, such as Canoeing 101, Youth Fishing Derby, Educational Demonstrations and more begin at 10 am and run thru 3pm. I hope to see you there! Have a great weekend, hopefully it’s not full of yard work thanks to Irma. Tight Lines friends.